delayed seedling had a helmet for a bit

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  1. hey all, just wanting to ask suggestions, I planted 5 random seeds that I have found in bud over the past couple months. Now I have 4 seedlings growin but one of the seedlings had a harder time shedding its shell and its growth is much slower than the others, do these plants recover usually?

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  2. Yeah they do , they're pretty resilient after their roots establish and get past seedling stage .
    I had one just like that and it grew out fine

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  3. thank ya thank ya
  4. I had the same problem with two in my current grow but I'm 26 days now and they look fine lol. I was paranoid for no reason :)

    Hope that helps give some peace of mind, but only time will really tell
  5. for sure, this is my first grow so I im pretty nervous/ anxious to get some good growth
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  6. Looks like you are doing good so far! Keep up the good work!
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  7. That's the expected high talking

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