Delay Flowering?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by offlineafk, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I have two micro set ups (1 strictly veggin and one flowering)and i wanted to do a continuous cycle. But since flowering will take two times longer then veggin (only plan on vegging 1 month and flower for 2) how can i keep my plant waiting to flower to veg but not continue to get big?

  2. reduce the amount of light the plant in the veg cab is getting... this will keep it alive, but not give it enough like to promote new growth. also another thing you can do is keep it as a mother, take cuttings root the clones and flower the clones..
  3. How would i keep it as a mother? just reduce the lighting? I have 4-40watt (actual) CFLs should i only have 2 bulbs? I dont want to kill the thing. And i heard your supposed to trim it up to keep it small, but would that cause it to start making new colas like same effect as topping? cuz i want to delay the flowering for like a month and i dont want to accidentally have a 20 cola plant (although it would be awesome)just no room.

  4. Keep it in a small pot and take a razor blade to it. Cut off every small stem but one and put it under 16/8 vegging lighting to save money and growth speed. You can toss the leaves or use them as clones and grow them 12/12 from planting for some extra small-yielding plants.
  5. And you WANT a 20 cola plant, it'll just look like a maple tree in late fall, because you'll cut off the new growth once every two weeks or so. When you want to bring it into flowering, it'll bush out twice as fast.

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