Delaware - Recreational is Legal (evenually)!

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  1. Your governor isn't happy about this :(, however, after another 16 months of governmental dithering ( :bang:), you should be able to purchase legal cannabis. :GettingStoned:

    I don't know why it will take Delaware a year and 4 months to figure out their laws on cannabis, when there are a bunch of states with recreationally legal cannabis that they could copy! And it's a bummer that you can't grow your own!

    Carney allows Delaware weed bills to become law without signature. 'It’s time to move on'
    Carney allows Delaware weed bills to become law without signature. 'It’s time to move on'

    Gov. John Carney on Friday said he would let the bills to legalize marijuana and create a recreational industry become law without his signature, standing down from his aversions to recreational weed that put him at odds with his party.

    Delaware is the 22nd state to legalize recreational marijuana, after a nearly decades long fight by advocates and Democrats to enact these policies. Carney, in a statement, said he still believes legalizing weed is “not a step forward.”

    “I want to be clear that my views on this issue have not changed,” the governor said in a statement. “And I understand there are those who share my views who will be disappointed in my decision not to veto this legislation.

    “I came to this decision because I believe we’ve spent far too much time focused on this issue, when Delawareans face more serious and pressing concerns every day. It’s time to move on.”

    Carney said he could not sign these bills due to his concerns about the health consequences recreational marijuana will have on children, as well as roadway safety. Along with House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf, the governor is the rare Democrat to not support weed legalization.

    “I recognize that many legislators disagree – and I respect the legislative process,” he said. “I also do not believe prolonging debate on this issue best serves Delawareans.”

    Marijuana, in the quantity of personal use, becomes legal starting Sunday. Delawareans will not be able to purchase recreational weed in the First State for at least 16 months. It will still be illegal to consume marijuana in public, and employers are still allowed to have a zero-tolerance policy.

    Like it has in neighboring states, a Delaware recreational marijuana industry could bring in tens of millions in tax revenue. (snipped)

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  2. No homegrow is a huge bummer
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