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Deja Vu

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by avt123, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Hello I'm new to the forums so I don't know if this question has been answered or not, but there goes..

    I have been smoking for the last two summers on and off. Usually, around four times a month. For the last year that I have been smoking I've been noticing a lot of similarities (deja vu) when I'm sober and when I get high.


    I was invited over to a friend's house that I barely knew. This was my first time over his house. We started to smoke, about ten minutes later, the deja vu effect started to occur. I was looking outside his window staring at a tree in someone else's backyard when I realized that I HAD seen this SAME EXACT SAME TREE IN THE SAME BACKYARD. I started to wonder to myself how that would even be remotely possible if this was the first time I had ever been to his house and surrounding area. It gets worse. Then in my mind, I realize what he is about to say, like.."Hey, have you ever heard of so and so" or a unique question that rarely anyone would say and then he says it about 30 seconds's like I've been in this exact situation before or I'm living the past again. Then I reply in the same way I did in the "past" or in my "deja vu". I feel like I'm in my past, I know it, but I can't control what goes on, the questions, the answer, the actions are all par to what I know is going to happen in my I have already experienced it.

    Example Two:

    I was waiting outside for my next class on my laptop. Sober and making conversation with the group of people around me. As the class was about to start..I closed my laptop and looked into the distance, I saw a girl I didn't even know and never even seen or soon as I did that my body just felt strange.. like the feeling you get really shocked or hurt. Anyway, the deja vu feeling came back, I knew I had done this before, close my laptop and look in the same direction and saw the same exact thing..the background, the people, the objects, even the time of I saw it all before. But before that moment, everything was normal..I didn't know anything or even noticed.

    These events keep occurring.. sometimes five times in a week, high and sober. I have no idea what's going on or if anyone has even experienced my type of deja you feel like you're experiencing the past and you know what's about to occur and what's about to happen. You can't even stop yourself from doing what you did in your "vision" because you're already doing it. Like you've done this before.

    Please..serious replies only. I want to know if anyone has ever felt this way or could provide some insight on what's happening.
  2. It probably happens slightly differently for everyone.
    There are theories that deja vu comes from something of a "brain hiccup" in processing information, in that it triggers what you process visually and mentally in reverse or something...I'm not sure what studies would really give any further information on this, I wasn't paying great attention at the time.
    Though because this happens without your awareness to it, I guess you could say subconsciously, what little you do notice it before it quickly evaporates, would seem to be pretty confusing and unusual.
    Other things I've heard attribute it to something like a mini-stroke (actually, a large percentage of people have these throughout their life and are none the wiser...signs of stroke shows on autopsy and apparently the numbers are HUGE), which could actually be the same thing as mentioned above.
    Though if it's happening on an ongoing and frequent MAY want to consult a doctor in the unlikely event that it could be something that is a problem for your health.
  3. Sometimes people have similar dreams that eventually come true. It happens to me on occasions too, and I remember that it was just a dream I had and there are similar circumstances as to the dream. Well, I don't think it's anything to worry about, it's not like it's damaging you in anyway. Personally, when that feeling comes around, I like it. :smoke:
  4. Its because the programmers have changed something in the matrix obviously.

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