Deja Vu

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  1. Thoughts? Opinions? Is it random or have we BeEn HeRe BeFoRe?!!?!?!!?
  2. its your brain processing images twice, therefore it gives you the sensation of having seen that exact thing before
  3. maybe, my cataloging file cabinet of a brain isn't very good at juxtaposing the present with what possibly happened in the past
  4. A Deja Vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix
  5. Deja vu is like my worst nightmare. I have epilepsy and right before a seizure I get the most gripping sense of deja vu ever. Of course there's no way to prepare yourself for a seizure, so it just makes the whole experience that much worse

  6. Wow, that's actually pretty scary man :(
  7. deja vu is for people that dont matter :wave:

  8. In which case, deja vu is for no one.

    I experience it daily... even if just for a second... I always think that maybe I'm being prompted to recall what happens in my dreams - something that happens when I am conscious triggers something that I dreamed and BAM. Definitely some deja vu thrown in there.
    some deja vu thrown in there.

  9. For sure, but that's why I smoke so much herb. Controls my seizures, keeps me off the nasty anticonvulsants (except for a daily benzo regimen) and keeps me at peace :smoke:
  10. =


    Start reading your old journals man!!
  11. im sure you already know my epilepsy story......

    i miss the little deja vu ones alot tho......dont miss waking up with no idea where i am or how i got there......especially when i would wake up tied to a bed with no idea how i got there.....
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    Sorry for being off topic but may I ask how the hell you're an OG blade when you joined in 2009?


    Deja vu happens to me all the time. Really! It used to freak me out at first but now I'm just used to it. That and how I sometimes know when someone is going to call me...seconds before they do. Things like that. I don't know what it could be but meh.

  13. no problem....its simple enough ...i actually joined in 2002
    was gone for a few years and when i came back ...couldnt remember old password or email..... so i started a new account...but all the old blades still know who i am

    cant say with any certainty but i may have met more blades face to face then anyone......maybe
  14. Ahhh that explains it. I was thinking you bribed RMJL or something :laughing: :)
  15. lmfao- i dont think she is bribe-able? but who knows?
  16. Nah I don't think she is either but I was very confused that's for sure.
  17. its your brain processing images twice, therefore it gives you the sensation of having seen that exact thing before
  18. WOW i feel sorry for yall with the seizures...

    ima toke a bowl for yall! :smoking:
  19. Yupp what the other guy said.
    Deja Vu is glitch in the Matrix. Happens when they change something.

    here is a look at what living with them is like

    i can see why.......glad i could clear that up for you

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