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  1. Whenever I get reeeeallly stoned and sometimes when I'm only moderately stoned, I get this weird/amazing feeling of deja vu almost every couple of minutes. BUT it usually only happens when I'm outside in nature (wonder why this is). The other day I was stoned at the beach and I looked out into the water at these sailboats and it strangely reminded me of discovering sailboats, maybe even seeing them for the first time as a young child. It wasn't a specific memory but a deja-vu type feeling. I looked at this pile of rocks and it gave me deja-vu of being at my grandma's house as a really young child/baby. The thing too, is that it's only very early childhood deja-vu, not like deja-vu when you're sober, in which it's of more recent things. Those two instances are only a couple examples of thousands, most of which went by too fast for me to even recall. I also sometimes get slight closed-eye visuals that subtly remind me of my childhood. Another thing is, I can't tell whether it's deja vu or actual flashbacks/memories. I know it's way more intense but doesn't lsd produce these effects too? Anyone else have these experiences? It's just so interesting. I wish people would talk more about their experiences on weed that are on the psychedelic side instead of just saying it makes them "hungry" and "tired"
  2. I know what you mean man, for some reason I am always linking things like that in my brain. Sometimes even smells or someone saying something automatically makes me think back to how it's happened before or a memory of something I've done in the past suddenly comes to my mind.

    It's pretty cool actually.

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