Deja Vu (long read)

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  1. In short, I will dream up a scenario and it will happen in real life. Yes, it will play out just as it did in my dream. Now, when I noticed this a few years ago in my senior year of HS, I shit my pants:

    We had just gotten done with our lecture in chemistry class and my science teacher was wearing a white dress shirt (sleeves rolled up) and tie, with black slacks. He was letting the class finish an assignment together. I approached him to return my assignment and has asked him about what Deja Vu was and how people experienced it. He had a bunch of graded tests on his desk around him and he looked up at me above his glasses. He began telling me that people dream up scenarios and "upload" figures, scenery, and details from our real life experiences and thus, we feel like we've been through it already. He told me not to think of my experiences as nothing more than a dream full of imagination, not prophecies.

    Heres the thing: I dreamed this same exact scenario a week prior. I pictured the colors, his red tie, the tests, the grades on the test, where everyone was sitting (we didn't have permanent seat arrangements), the conversation we had, and everything. I was baffled but brushed it off like he said.

    Fast forward a few months and I start having more of these. ALOT of these experiences. There was a couple times where I actually finished my friends sentence for him. For the last year, I haven't really had them; I think its mainly because I smoke a lot before I sleep and can't even remember my dreams anymore like I used to.

    Am I just truly experiencing what my high school teacher explained to me or do humans truly possess the ability to foresee the future?
  2. I believe that what is, already was. That being said, I've had a lot of spot on deja vu scenarios. In the past few months, I've been having a lot of them. I'm not one of those guys that says things like, "The awakening's coming. I can feel it.", but I definitely feel like there is something going on here beneath the surface. With me at least. My awareness has been getting kind of crazy during the last year or so. I think we're capable of a lot of things. We just don't know it yet.
  3. if we are honest with i and i, we can get an idea of where things are going-

    Cannabis holocaust disguised as WW3, Global War on Terror, New World Order, etc.

    its a divine metaphor why this plant is illegal.

    we share so much history with it. its the Tree of Life.

    our first cultivar. first fabric. first rope. first sails. first measuring cordage. first paper.

    its genetically linked to us via the DNA boom following agriculture

    secrets out:smoke:

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