Deja Vu Idea

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by tbarb, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. what if life is a never ending process.
    what if death is just another rebirth and deja vu is just a way of remembering a past life

  2. Im not a reincarnation beliver myslef nor this deja vu idea but my younger sister when she was just a toddler and could barley talk once said when we was walking down the street; "I used to live in that house and would lay in a bed" was some freaky shit, maybe the last memory of her previous life on her death bed? I dont know it was pretty out of the blue!
  3. WTF.... reading the above post, I JUST HAD DEJA-VU!!!!  :eek:
    This phenomenom is because perhaps we are repeating the same Life over and over again until we get it justtt right? we get X amount of chances to try and correct all our mistakes? and when we remember something, its just a leak from the system (think matrix) that accidently spilled in.... like a signal from the Universe to give us a subtle reminder... and when u get that ring in your ear... its the deathbell.... another reminder to do whats Right, while we still can....

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