Dehydration question - White resedue on my fan leaves

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  1. Hi

    My plants got really dehydrated over the weekend. I left for 2 days andfound them like they are in the picture attached.

    I immediately watered them, adding some thrive and seems that they reboundedwell.

    There were a lot of dead leaves as a result. I have been removing them inthe last 2 days as I know they still take up energy from the plants.

    Question N 1: I know that this misfortune will affect my yield. Do you knowon the percentage scale what the impact is going to be? Do you think I alreadylost 10-15 percent of what it would otherwise be?

    Question 2: Some of my fan leaves have a strange white residue on them thatI can wipe off but there are quite few leaves that covered with it. Do you guysknow what that is and what I should do about it?

    Question 3: I am all organic but would like to use something to affect myyield. On the third week of flowering, Is there a nutes I can use to achievethat?

    Thank you as always.


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  2. Is it kinda fluffy white powder?? Dude you have powder mildew :( I also just got this about 5 days ago.

    Step one: cut all excess leaves from the inside of all the plants. Do you have good air circation in the room? Not just your exhaust fan you need a fan that blows on the plants

    Step two: mix 9cups water with 1 cup milk and spray the plants down (im in week 6 flower and I had to spray the buds :( so dont worry about that) do this an hoir before lights go on or an hour before they go off. I suggest doing it before lights on.

    Step three: after harvest you have to scrub your grow room walls lights pots everything with bleach and water to sanatize the grow room and kill any left over spores

    Good luck bro!!! Im here to help yo
  3. Crap. This does not sounds good at all. I think it may be because I keep a bucket with run off water in the tent. I had it for a few days not and I am at work right now.

    How does this occur? and what is the price I am going to pay for having this? :(

    Thank you mate..
  4. Yes that bucket of water left in the room was probably a main factor for this it's caused by stagnant air poor circulation high humidity a combination of those things. I would say if its not bad then do as I said above tried to reduce the damage and get what you can get

    like I said I'm a week and a half from harvest and I'm not losing this crop so I am in there every night at least an hour removing any leaves with any signs. and give them that milk and water spray
  5. I am not losing this crop either and will do whatever it takes to get it stable.
    BTW - Did you look at the middle picture? The leave itself is nice and green.. its just this powder on few of them..

    I will do your coktail though.. thank you
  6. Your leave will stay green even with the powder mildew infection. To be honest it's a infection and the diseases actually inside of your plant the white powder is just the spores it's a fungal reproduction
  7. So I Bo ught pm solution and sprayed fierlesly last night. Can't do it in the morning as light go dark at 7 am and I overslept.

    My humidity is through the roof. It is around 80 in both of my tents and I don't know how to get rid of it.
  8. What pm spray did you get? Did you spray your buds with chemicals......?
  9. Whats the temp and humidity in the room? You have some PM starting. If you dont control it 100% now your buds will have PM. In the future use a strain that is resistant to mold if you have humidity problems.

    EDIT: oh shit in the 80's you better get more air moving fast. What kinds of fans are you using for intake and out? Get a good dehumidifier ASAP. Sadly, chances are the finished product with have pm.
  10. Open your tent for a little awhile and get a fan on it/in front of it to blow some air out if nothing outside of it is going to get affected. I throw a 16" box fan in front of my room to suck air out of it if humidity starts shooting up. It also heats that side of the house for me :) HPS is cheaper than an electric heater....not good for the eyes

    Make sure you have air circulation through-out the WHOLE tent. Especially the bottom around the pots. Smoke mentioned the bad air circulation already, but I wanted to make sure you got it :) Throwing a little extra wind towards the bottom for bits at a time won't hurt anything.
  11. Cheap personal fans at walmart....if you shop at walmart.
  12. The only problem I have is that my flowering "lights on", begins at 7 pm. I cant go in and do much to fix the issue, or am I ok to do it now and get the lights on my plant early?
  13. why cant you go in after 7pm and work on your plants. You really need to buy a really good dehumidifier ASAP. If I was in your shoes I would scrap any plants with the PM and start over when you figure out the humidity. But, a dehumidifier will solve the humidity problem in a few hours after installation.
  14. I used a good amount of damp rid. Have big fan on high and several small ones going. Window open. I will go after 7 and spray them again. What else do you think I can do?
  15. If you have on going issues with powdery mildew they recommend a sulfer burner.I've never used one.

    Also keep your humidty as close to 40% at all times..
  16. I placed damped for hum..have to check sulfer
  17. BUT, your humidity is still way to high correct? If so I'm telling you the only other way to change it permanently is a dehum. They arent THAT expensive and it will make your life so much easier. Damp rid isn't gonna cut it brotha.
  18. I hear you. I am at 45 humidity right now. I don't think I need lower it right now.
    Its the mildew I am going to be after now. I will spray it tonight. We will see in the morning m
  19. Nah, just needed to exchange the air man.
  20. See, my problem is that I can only open all the walls and windows when the light comes on. My 12 /12 schedule is from 7am to 7pm.

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