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  1. Hey guys just wondering average on what was paid for dehumidifiers? I can not afford a $150 dehumidifier so I found one on the amazon for about 50 bucks wondering if it is worth it to buy a cheaper one or just save for a nice 150 dollar one?
  2. With grow equipment I’m a big believer in you get what you pay for. Just save up.
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  3. I just bought one for 150 .
    But man does it dry out the room it's in if set right I think it's worth its weight in gold

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  4. Check sites like craigslist and apps like Letgo or OfferUp.

    I scored a 70 pint dehumidifier that covers up to 3800 sq ft, for $50. This unit is still for sale at Home Depot for $275.
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  5. I have a radiator plumbed into the central heating system but that's only on in winter but if I need to run a small heater as well then that's no problem. As for temp I'm not sure, it might be stating the obvious but on a cool/cold day it feels a warmer in there and on a hot day it feels cold in there.
    Little guide here..
  6. Don't waste the $50 . Those little ones are just that a waste. I just bought one ended up $160 50 pint. I bought mine more for the drying process. I just flowered a run at 65% rh with no problem air movement is key, also keep the area around your space clean make sure there are no mold sources near your grow
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  7. Damn why don't I ever think of this.
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  8. I am wondering if the rh even plays a role when your tent is not full. My rh is at 50-60 but non of the plants are touching or even close. I wonder if that makes a difference.
  9. I wouldnt even stress about RH like that. I got sick of battling humidity long ago. I grow in everything from single digits to 90%+. When its low they drink more. When it's high I add additional fans above and below the canopy. Plants tend to grow faster in higher humidity so I'm happy when it's over 50%
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  10. Totally agree with this statement. That is why I will not use Alibaba.
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  11. I live right on the Atlantic ocean and my weather patterns put me at 80% plus in the summer 40% in the winter I've grown through both with no issues. I bought a dehumidifier for drying cause I was over 70% rh and didn't see how I was ever going to get in jars like that. Lol
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  12. Lots of people actually choose to dry at 70%. I use a humidifier on a regular basis in my dry room when rh gets low
  13. Funny story I bought my dehumidifier and the next day the rh changed in my favor and stayed good for the rest of the week so I only ran it for a couple hours.
  14. What a idiot I am last winter. I winterized my swamp cooler .
    I drained the cooler and turned the water going to it off , then put the drain plug back in then shrink wrapped the cooler for the first time and put the tarp over it .
    Well fuck the humidity was so bad I ended up buying a 70 pint per day dehumidifier .
    Emptying the drain tank was all the time ,and finally hooked a garden hose up and ran it to one of my RDWC systems .

    Last spring when I went to service the swamp cooler to put into operation I noticed the swamp cooler was full of water right up to the over flow pipe .
    The inside of my house was a rain forest up to the point of buying the dehumidifier .
    Strange I didn't have the humidity problem before shrink wrapping the swamp cooler LOL.
    PS never did turn the furnace on last year , that dehumidifier ran non stop and the heat coming out of it was enough to keep my entire house warm .
    I adjusted the heat by opening up windows and the front door ..
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