Dehumidifier . Who's using one and how effective has it been???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SlackerBee, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I'm fighting some humidity issues at the moment. Can anyone who uses a humidifier in their grow share their experience?

  2. Dehumidifiers are amazing tools, they will SERIOUSLY help your plant in many ways. They help to improve your plant's respiration, they also help to reduce mold problems, reduce mite problems, just a great addition to a grow room.

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  3. I'm growing in a 3'x4'x6' tall box with a 400w HPS and my ambiant outside humidity is 70% average, my 1st grow I didn't have a dehumidifier and I had on going mold issues (serenade).
    I'm now using a dehumidifer I got off craigs list for $100.00 its way to big for my box but does a great job, the dial goes from 1-10, I keep it between 1& 2 and have notice no increase on my elect. bill.
    It keeps my grow box between 30 & 50% easily, the therm doesn't always re-act consistently but its "good enough", I'm considering buying a control for it and just cranking the units therm all the way up & letting the external control operate it, the de-humid. air is
    aprox. 84 degrees, for me this will be good in the cool winter months in So. Kali, with the light on it will increase the temp to 93ish when the external temp is aprox. 75degrees, my x-haust (unknown cfm) handles and drops it down to 84ish in a reasonable amount of time.

    I had been considering an AC unit with de-humid. capilbilities and selling this one, I plan to
    go LED so I'm not convinced yet I need to get into A/C.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks Tokerman ,
    Yeah, it's been warm and humid here and I've had the odd spot of Bud rot crop up ... I guess I should bite the $200 bullet...

  5. Thanks Seymor,
    It's looking like a no brainer. I've never had a prob indoors before but here I am cutting up a cola that had to come down 2 weeks early. suck

    On LEDS, I've got two big Low Voltage transformers waiting in the wings. :D Maybe this winter I'll have time to play around

    Peace Y'all
  6. You may want to check out buying one online, who knows, maybe you find a used one on ebay or something, those things tend to last a long time, Mine are from 2000 and 2007 they've both seen quite a lot of action and I'm sure still have some 5-10 years left in them.

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!

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