Dehu question during end of flower

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  1. I am growing inside grow tents inside rooms. If I have the dehumidifier outside the grow tent the lowest I can get the humidity is 60-65. If I have the dehumidifier inside the grow tent I can maintain 50% humidity but I have to crank the AC down hard. If I do not use the dehumidifier in the grow tent I dont even need the AC.

    Is it best to keep the dehumidifier inside the grow tent and crank the AC down to get the 50% humidity or would I be fine just keeping the dehumidifier outside the grow tent?

    745cfm 8inch exhaust w carbon scrubber
    350cfm 6 inch active intake
  2. Here are the girls at day 32 of flower

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  3. Well humidity becomes a more important factor...IMO....during flowering. Too high humidity makes mold and mildew a real possibility...and you DON'T want that to happen since you've come this far!

    You are kinda right there on the line in my eyes at 60-65% during flower....that is higher than ideal to me.

    Your choice on whether you wanna save electricity on the AC and "risk it" by leaving it be.....or you could play it way safer and crank the AC to get your humidity down lower.
  4. I use humidifiers to keep the humidity in the mid 60s from seed to harvest, and have never had bud rot in DWC.
    Google Vapor Pressure Deficit.

    Dirt might be different.
  5. Even all the way through flower?
  7. Yes.
    I don't worry about things like root rot and bud rot.
    Clorox prevents root rot, good air movement prevents bud rot.
    At least in hydro.
    But like I said, dirt with its microbes might be different.

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