Deformed Seedling? :(

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  1. Has anyone ever seen this before? Browsing here for the past month, I've never seen this. Picture says it all. If youre wondering, Ive handled this plant very well when transferring it.


  2. By the light in the pick it looks like you are using HPS for the seedling? That could work but I would recommend MH or 6500k CFL light for the veg cycle of your girl's life. Also give details, soil, PH, light setup, strain all of that.
  3. looks like the seed shell got stuck on one of the leaves. not unusual, ive had it happen before. it will sort itself out. sucks its has a hole in it, looks good other than that.

    good luck with the grow :smoke:
  4. Its not the light, I have vegged everything under my 400watt hps and I have a month old 3 foot tall mikado to prove it works fine IMHO.

    but I have had some seedlings look deformed maybe not exactly like that but similar and just let em grow, should be fine.

  5. It's not deformed. The 2 nodes, under the first set of baby leafs, will All, fall off. Continue as you were. And don't panic, over that silly thing.
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    Alrighty, good. Thanks everyone for the info. I got worried it would be a retard plant :( Also, its an autoflowering great white shark its in my sig

    strain: autoflower gws
    nutes: none
    ph: 5.5
    light: hps

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