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  1. Does having a deformed plant just have to do with genetics? Was it something I did? I have some leaves that are only 4 leaves. This may be normal but I'm not really sure; this is my first grow. I know that it needs more light, but there really isn't a whole lot more I can do right meow. Is there something different I need to be doing?

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  2. As you can see in the second picture, I don't know if the leaf is just underdeveloped, but I see some canoeing and leaf tips pointing down on some leaves which may be nitrogen toxicity. I'm not really sure, she just has so much leaf growth that she isn't even a 8 inches tall yet has so much growth that light can't penetrate the inside. Any suggestions? From germ to present she is almost 4 weeks and from being in soil to present she is just over three weeks. I've trimmed some of the fan leaves as you can see but hasn't really helped as much as I would have liked it too
  3. Actually I didn't post a pic of the trimmed tips, but take my word for it
  4. If it's growing it'll bud I reckon it'll be dank

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