Deformed leaf

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  1. not sure if this is normal or not....

    Running ebb and flow with Lucas formula.
    Ppm 630
    PH 6.1
    Room temp 81F
    Water temp 77F
    About 5 weeks into veg.

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  2. it looks like either some things had a nibble of the ends of the leaves or you have damaged them by maybe when leaves were younger when taking other leaves from the stem ,,nothing really to worry about i dont thing its insect damage ,,mac,
    PS or did you mean whats wrong with my plant growing three fingered leaves in stead of 5 or 7 fingered leaves ,,now that i couldnt tell you ,,mac,
  3. Yeah it’s strange. Definitely about the nibbling at the tips. You can see there’s 2 other baby leaves growing off those so it will have 5 fingers
  4. caterpillars usually eat ends of plants like that ,and some weevils do the same ..Try a product with Spinosad ,,it says it organic etc it good for lots or different insects ,that is if you think it is insects ,have a look tonight when its dark,,look onthe under sides of leaves ,stems ,,a bit of touch light wont hurt or stress the plant,,,,mac,,
  5. I’ve been spraying for about 2 weeks now because I had some strange dots appear on my leaves so I thought it could have been mites. Literally haven’t seen a single bug anywhere on the plants though...
  6. do you think you could have caused the damage yourself when taking some leaves of the stems ,,i can see youve removed some lower leaves..mac.
  7. Hmmmm I’m not sure, possibly. Can’t remember if I topped that one or not. They could possibly be it.

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