Deformed Buds-Week 7 Flower- Pics!!!!!!!-Help Please!!

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  1. Strain- BlueBerry
    Nueits (Fox Farm Tiger Bloom once every other week)
    Temp 80/84

    I have 10 Blueberry plants in week 7 of flowering. 3 of my 10 plants have deformed buds. I have no idea why. The other 7 are perfect. I am including 2 pics of the good looking buds and then a few pics of the deformed buds. The quality is not the greatest but you should get the idea. The deformed buds seem to have the following symptoms:

    -Less hairs
    -Light/Dark green in color
    -Curled up leafs (in the middle of the buds) Rest of the plant is great
    -Less buds formed all together

    Please let me know what you think it could be and if they could be saved. Any help is much appreciatedThanks GC!!

    Good Buds (From the "not sick" plants) are in the top pics and the bad ones are the lower pics:

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  2. use more bloom increase the ppms...or lack of doesnt look deformed it just looks like it didnt develope...on the 7th week of flower u should be giving it everything you got to the max and then lookin towards flushing..
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    Thanks DRExtreme. I will increase the fert a bit this week, turn up the co2 and move them closer to the light ( they could be much closer now that I think about it).

    Let me ask, will my buds on these grow to mature? Will I have to flower them longer then normal??
    Anyone else agree with DRE?
  4. how do you deliver the co2 to your plants?
  5. I have 20lb tank with a reg set at 5 during the whole light period in a 10x10 room. The hose sits right above the plants.
  6. My bro uses a pool vacuum hose going from the bottom of his oven to his air intake. Apperently propane produces Co2 , and with just the pilot lights going he is able to make use of the Co2.

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