defoliation good idea or bad idea?

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  1. I change the light set up and the hour of light to 12 12 1 week ago and my plant are showing sign of floration. I want to know if is a good idea to defoliate the bottom and the big leaf to increase the production of flower
    my lightning is very cheap pulling 100 watts not test.
    my light is
    1 cree led 5000k 19w
    2 ecosmart 5000k 9w
    2 ecosmart 3000k 15.5w
    2 sansi flowering and fruiting led 15w
  2. Good and bad idea.
    You need to remove some of those big suckers to allow light to hit tops below but remember those big suckers are solar panels for the plant to grow
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  3. what is the best moment to defoliate with the light on or off
  4. yes, do not remove leafs, remove whole branches where they connect to the main stem. Allow the light and the plant to focus on the best high light colas only. Discard the rest.
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  5. Simple math if the leaf is shading more area than itself than get rid of it.

    Yours definitely are
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    If a leaf group or top is receiving under about 300 umols in flower it will be under developed and a deficit for overall good yield.

    Listen to episode 43 of this podcast.
    ‎Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast: Episode 46: Plant Breeding Using the Power of Genetic Testing with Reggie Gaudino on Apple Podcasts

    Scientific trials on defoliation with indoor plants prove this method effective. Essentially aggressive lollipopping from the bottom up until the canopy is about 12-18" deep max in flower and thin enough for good air/light penetration. It takes practice. I typically do it at least twice quite aggressively and a little each time I transplant. A week or two before flip and a week or two after my plants usually get a supercropping/lollipopping session to even the canopy, thin it out and define it's final top to bottom thickness. This minimizes underdeveloped buds on indoor plants that grow in a narrow optimal range of light output unlike the sun that is the same light reading from the ground to the top of the plant.

    A lot of confusion comes from mixing research about what is best for outdoor plants compared to indoor. Indoor plants in order to get the best performance from a grow area have to be skillfully shaped like a bonsai tree almost. There's lots of methods. My favorite is supercropping and lollipopping but many people love the scrog net.
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  7. This picture is worth 1,000 words. I love linking it.

    The plant on the left is how unexperienced indoor growers grow and the plant on the right is how you want them to look to take advantage of the narrow optimal light range you have. Notice all the missing small crap along the bottom of the plant. This also helps air circulation to prevent mold.
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  8. I removed a full kitchen garbage bag full of plant material from this plant before flipping it to flower.
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  9. Secondly, if you're interested I can help you find a real grow light for about $150 that will probably triple what that setup is capable of. One of those center smaller boards from my bloom setup.
  10. You need to listen to tbone, and get a better light. My bet is a quantum board and I see one in tbones’ picture as well. Their the bees knees
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  11. definitely I will buy a better light, I made this light at last minute I have two in mind a quantum board or a mars hydro ts1000. this plant should be outside but I am in love with her and I decide to take care of her inside
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  12. Mars is making some nice lights worth buying these days. They are worth consideration.

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