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    Hey folks. This is my first time posting on grasscity. I'm not a newb but I'm by no means an expert. Feel free to give your 2 cents on what I might be doing right, wrong, or your experience with GDP or a technique I'm using. We'll start with when these two ladies were transplanted into their final containers and go from there. So, without further adieu. I present my 2 GDP's. the top picture is the day of transplant into 10gal containers and the bottom is 10 days after transplant. The lady on the left was topped one one more time than the one on the right. I want to say they were topped 2-4 times but I can't remember image.jpg
  2. Here are a couple more pictures
  3. Looks great so far. What kind of soil and lights are you running?
  4. Currently they are under an 8bulb T5 on a shelf in my kitchen. A few hrs a day they get some sunlight shining on them too. They will be going under a 1000w hps in a couple days. Just gotta clean and sterilize the flower room first. They are in ProMix HP with a couple tablespoons of Happy Frog Jump Start soil amendment (3-4-3). They've only gotten non ph'd aged tap water and one compost tea so far. I will be supplementing with BioCanna, guano teas, and compost teas in flower.
  5. Also, this will be a mainly organic grow with only organic preventative sprays. No systemics. I use Big Swell as a bloom booster which isn't 100% organic. Otherwise everything else is organic and natural. I am slowly working my way towards 100% organic. i will be re-using and re amending my soil for my vegetable garden this spring/summer/fall
  6. Well I ended up getting sick and it delayed me getting the flower area prepped. But, the GDP's will be going in tomorrow! Here they are next to a 32gal trash can for size comparison. They're about 21" tall by 30" at their widest points
    image.jpg image.jpg
  7. After being bogged down by work and a cold, I finally got my flower area cleaned up! My two lovely GDP ladies are under the 1Kw HPS now. I am planning on giving them a few days to get used to the HpS before putting them on their 12/12 cycle... I've been debating wether or not to keep them under the 1Kw or put them each under their own 600w HPS lights. Opinions are welcomed
  8. There are some excellent growers in that thread. I still say that yours are fine though.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the GDp thread. Ill check it out
  10. Any time man, I was in that thread when I was growing it, still subbed to it and a lurker. LOL
  11. Well I got quite the pleasant surprise today! My friend stopped by and gifted me 2 Headbands to put along side my GDP's! I'm really excited about this because Headband is right down my alley. My all time favorite varieties are Diesels, OG's, and Chem's. I have to find a couple extra buckets to prop them up so they don't get dwarfed by the GDP's, which are now 33" wide and drinking 2 gallons every other day now. I've never dealt with such a small plant that is such a soil/water demanding strain. I gave her 1 3/4 gallon water last time and she was droopy 36hrs later.
    If anybody could tell me how to fix this picture below I would appreciate it. It keeps uploading sideways
  12. Subbed. I just dropped some fire headband seeds myselfSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. What seed company are they from? Are they regular or feminized? I've been eyeballin' Cali Connections 818 Headband, but I've been hesitant due to CC's reported herm issues in the past. Specifically anything crossed with their SFV OG. If I could ever find regular seeds of DNA or Reserva Privada's Sour Kush I would be all over them
  14. Alright today is officially the first day of 12/12 looks like both ladies come in at 24" tall and about 33" at their widest point. I'll measure them again in a few weeks when she has finished stretching and is budding. I would've put more pictures up, but uploading is proving to be a lengthy challenge tonight.

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  15. Growing both of these strains, if herbies ever gets my beans here!
  16. What seed company are your Headband seeds from? I received both of these as clones of traditional pheno's of these strains
  17. That's crazy that the GDP's are drinking so much water! At least then you can dilute the nutrients easily without over fertilizing. Can't wait to see them start flowering. 
  18. They seem to have backed off on their water needs since getting their first 12hrs of rest. But I'm sure once they make the transition into flower it will jump back up. This cut also seems to like the higher nutrients. I've just been lightly top dressing whenever they start to look a little dull. I'm going to start brewing a compost/nute tea today. It will consist of an amended compost made locally (ingredients: Humified compost, worm compost, compost tea, sea kelp, hydrolyzed fish, feather meal, paramagnetic rock dust, Endo/ Ecto mycorrhizal fungi, solution (micronized) and agricultural grade calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate, iron sulfate, boron, natural sulfur, Sul-po-mag, plus additional mined humates, 19 strains of beneficial bacteria and tricoderma species, carbohydrates, and amino acids.), along with a 5-5-5 seabird guano, HiBrix Molasses, and kelp. I started using this amended compost last summer as a tea in veg and the beginning of flower and found it to work wonders. It fixes any micro nutrient deficiency within 24-36 hrs of application and keeps the ladies a lush green. It also only costs me $5 for a heaping 5gallon bucket of it. I use the same farmers non-amended Humus/vermicompost blend for making teas in flower ($3.50 for 5 gallon bucket). All my friends have started using it since seeing the boost in overall plant health and yield, even the non organic ones! Word has even spread to my local shop and they are now making a veg and flower tea for sale using the same compost supplier.
  19. It's blueberry headband, from humboldt seeds

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