Definition of Racism

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  1. The definition of racism to me is hating someone for their race. I dont hate anybody. I love everyone as long as they are good people. Undersanding that people are different and making observations is a completely different thing. I get upset when i make a comment about someone and im tagged a racist

    Listen we ARE all differnt. Fuck all that hippie "we are one" shit. Ive heard people say "we should all mix and make one race"...To me that sounds like some Illuminati stuff. Life would suck if we were all one race of grey colorless people who looked the same. There would be no culture. The only thing we can do is make peace with each other and give back to the earth. Because we all have to live on it.
  2. We are all the same biologically. It is our culture that differs.

  3. Color doesn't equate culture. A black man in America has more in common with a white guy in America culturally, than with another black guy in Africa.

    And while I agree we shouldn't intentionally try to make one race, it'll probably turn out that way in a few thousand years (assuming humans still exist by then), because there way more asians/blacks/hispanics combined than white people, and with intercontinental travel being so commonplace (and even more so in the future), there'll be a whole lot of interracial pregnancies.

    I don't mind though, it is what it is. Lots of girls (and men probably, for the ladies) of mixed ancestry are super hot.
  4. If color doesnt adequate culture, how to African American comedians revolve most of their act around being black and stuff that white people do?

    Your comment was pretty good tho considering you have an archie bunker theme going, and he was kinda racist
  5. Because when black comedians make jokes about "being black" or "stuff that white people do" they are making generalizations about cultural differences between two groups. Color doesn't cause people to act in these ways, it's families, religion, ect. And often, comedians are really just painting the picture in a way that says color does cause someone to act they way they do, thus perpetuating the false connection.

    Watch the video in this link and think about it: Katt Williams - White Friends - Video Clip | Comedy Central's
  6. Sadly,there aren't many good people left in the world.Most people are shit regardless of race.
  7. So a grey guy, a grey guy, and a grey guy walk into a bar...

    Comedy would suck if we were the same.
  8. Meh. jokes about race are the biggest fucking cop out to actually coming up with something creative and funny. How hard is it to get people to laugh when using stereotypes that they all know...

    "Ok, so I've got this Chinese friend named Chin-Su, and we're hangin out at his house one day. And in his room I notice that there's this stick on a rack above his door, so I'm like "man, what kind of kung fu includes sticks as part of the weapon training." And he gives me this sad look, and says "I don't practice any kung fu, that's a 'B stick.' And so I'm like, "what's a 'B stick?" He says "it's what my parents beat me with when I get a 'B."
  9. Whenever i see a new asian comedian i automatically assume that they are gonna talk about being asian the entire time and do impressions of their parents' accent.

    Im usually right.

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