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Definition of Puff, Puff, Pass

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jc., Sep 23, 2009.

  1. My friends and I always argue this once we start to smoke a joint. Half of us say you take two hits, but without exhaling between them. The other guys say you puff, exhale, puff exhale and pass.

    Just wanted to see what you guys do.

    Also, they get pissed at me when I do this, but if they aren't paying attention I'll take another hit or two.. They always seem to start fucking around or texting or something, so I'll try to pass it and if they don't take it, I'll take another hit.
  2. 1 Puff, 2 Puff, Pass the blizunt..
  3. Draw, exhale, draw, exhale, (optional cough or "Oh shit, maaan"), pass.
  4. with joints or bowls its usually puff puff pass between my friends and I. (Puff exhale puff)
    With a blunt we usually just keep hitting it until we fee like passing it, no stressin.
  5. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:!
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    it doesnt matter... theres no set rules as to how many hits you take. you set that rule just before u light up, depending on what you are smoking out of and how many people are smoking.

    my rule of thumb is for bowls/bongs/vapes its one hit pass, joints/blunts is 2-4 people = 2-4 hit pass. if its 5 people on one blunt then 1-2 hit pass. if theres more than 5 people then roll another blunt,lol.

    but puff puff pass means take 2 hits and pass. like that guys said...Draw, exhale, draw, exhale, (optional cough or "Oh shit, maaan"), pass.
  7. The way I've always done it is puff exhale puff.
  8. Puff, Exhale, Puff, Exhale.

    Its supposed to be two hits, two consecutive puffs could be as much smoke as anybody else's 1 puff.

  9. Yea, we tend to set the rule, but after once around, we tend to forget and all go by what we feel like doing. I guess it wouldn't be the same without us yelling at each other for taking that extra hit. Always gets us laughing.
  10. most of my friends puff exhale puff,

    but i puff puff exhale.

    i dont really think it should matter,

    you get the same amount.
  11. basically you do a puff, puff, pass

    i usually right it down to remember
  12. Usually with a bong or other piece, I'll do puffpuff (without exhale in between) pass. With anything rolled, it doesn't matter. As the host I keep track and make sure no one gets left in the dust.
  13. i never heard of take a hit exhale take a hit..on a joint its puff puff then exhale...on a blunt its take as much as you can without wasting it then exhale

    thats how we do it
  14. you retarded bra? exhaling and then inhaling again gives you a better chance to absorb everything
  15. Wrong. Your lungs only hold so much, so when you puff, exhale, and puff again, it means you're filling up your lungs twice. If you puff, puff, exhale, your first puff could completely fill your lungs, rendering the second puff both difficult and useless (unless your first hit doesn't fill your lungs, of course).

    EDIT: Du' above me beat me, but simplified.

    What I do:

    If it's something rolled, 2-3 hits (exhaling after each, of course) then pass.
    If it's a piece, one hit then pass.
    If it's a bong and you light it once but fail to clear it, you can exhale and clear it again. We don't care.
  16. ur location says Wicompton where are u from that u say that? around here its Wiscompton lol.
  17. for me, puff puff pass has always meant puff exhale puff exhale pass. people always take an extra hit if the person who he is trying to pass it too isnt paying attention. no problem with that, its just 1 hit.
  18. no you don't... lolololol.

    you would write it down to remember, that's if you haven't already smoked yourself retarded.

  19. I dont mean like 1 full huge hit,

    I mean pull a little, inhale a little air then finish the hit off.

    its basically 1 hit with a small bit of air in the middle.
  20. this has already been beaten to a pulp but on bowls and bongs its 1 hit pass. joints and blunts are 2 unless its just u and a buddy u can usually chief on it and they wont care. (still getting real blazed) once you start smoking with a broad group of people you will find out who likes to chief on w/e your smoking.

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