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Definition help for a Noob

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TotalNoob, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hey there, I'm a first time poster long time lurker... if that's appropriate.
    Anyway, I have a problem. I read lots of threads on this forum because they are all very helpful and I actually like to learn about things I am quite fond of, and in this case, that thing is marijuana. Now from what I have gathered, everyone on this forum is very experienced in the ways of the herb (obviously) but in my case (being a noob) I have no idea what half of these clearly relevant terms are.
    I am hoping anyone reading this can help spread their knowledge with a young toker like myself by providing me with the basic definitions for some of the common terms.

    These are a few of the terms I have gathered so far that I don't know or couldn't research/just figure out on my own.

    Cornering the Bowl
    Kief..? Keif? I don't know
    One Hitter?
    Truth on whether I can use an empty cigarette as a joint (tobacco rolled out, same filter just filling the empty paper)

    I'm sure there are many more I don't know, if you helpful people can include some I may want to know.

    Also, if anyone can explain to me a rough explanation of the marijuana laws here in Canada, because I have been hearing everything from "police officers take it away" to "you go to jail"

    Thanks a lot, I know this is a noob post, in which case any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Google is a good research tool
  3. Dank - high grade weed
    Mids - mid grade weed
    Cornering the Bowl - smoking a corner of the bowl (part of the pipe where the weed goes) so other people can get hits off it too.
    Quarter - Quarter ounce?
    Eighth - 1/8 ounce (3.5grams)
    Kief..? Keif? I don't know - Kief : collected thrichomes (the crystals covering the buds/plant)
    Bubbler - pipe with a water filter.
    One Hitter? - a small bowled pipe?
    Steamroller - tube pipe basically.(google it)
    Truth on whether I can use an empty cigarette as a joint (tobacco rolled out, same filter just filling the empty paper) - I guess you could?
    Hookah - Google it.
  4. I wouldnt recommend using an empty cig for a joint. A lot of time the bud burns slower than the paper and it doesnt really work out. -Experience
  5. Well, Thanks for all the info everyone it was pretty helpful, now I can understand these forums a little better.

  6. Very helpful post +rep

    One hitter - is a little straight pipe also refered to a bat. Its bowl is big enough for one hit. Its a on the go take a hit before class or something piece.

    Steamroller - is a pipe that is like a bong without the water. You can get nice big milky hits but they are harsher.

    Kief/Keef however one wants to spell it is just a collection of crystals from weed. It is usally collected from a grinder or from left over plant matter after a grow.
  7. Dank- Really good weed; usually very expensive
    Mids- Average weed, nothing special. Usually about $5 a gram.
    Quarter- One fourth of an ounce a.k.a 7 grams
    Eighth- One eighth of an ounce a.k.a 3.5 grams
    Kief- The little crystaly things you get after grinding weed in a grinder. It gets you very high.
    One Hitter- Used for one quick hit of weed.
    Steamroller- Just another type of thing to smoke out of, usually with a giant opening at the end of it.
    Truth on whether I can use an empty cigarette as a joint- Just go buy a pack of zig-zags man
  8. heres some terms that u didnt list........
    bong-is a cylindar glass peice with water to filter the smoke
    the amounts of weed are like this usually in most places dime(10$), dub(20$), 1/8th ounce(3.5 grams like 60$), quarter ounce(7grams like 90-130$), half ounce(14 grams like 200$), and a full ounce (28grams like 350). of course prices vary with location and weed quality.....ummm a joing is usually someting rolled with a white paper ez widers, zig zags.....blunt is usually a cigar like dutchmaster,swisher,white owls......i mean a lot of it jus comes from expierience though there is a lot of termonology which u could probably find somewhere on this site...udk how to roll? look it up on youtube....i mean jus listen to wat everybody else says and jus fucking google it man....
  9. The stickies at the top of the forum are to answer questions like these. The search function is to answer questions like these. Teh google is to answer questions like these.

    I don't mind helping you, but you have to help yourself, too.
  10. Dank is good weed
    Mids is average weed not really good but not horrible
    Cornering the Bowl idk
    Quarter and Eighth are measurements. quarter oz and 1 8th oz respectably
    Kief is the strongest parts of the weed called trichombes
    Bubbler is a type of bong i think
    One Hitter? a small pipe that has a very small bowl only good for 1 hit
    Steamroller idk
    Truth on whether I can use an empty cigarette as a joint (tobacco rolled out, same filter just filling the empty paper) yeah you can
    Hooka a type of pipe

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