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Define Heavy Use

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SoulessStoner, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I read the Drug Testing Sticky and it said something about THC being detected up to 30 days in urine after heavy use/high body fat. It left me with a question:What is defined as 'heavy use'. I don't have a DT coming up or anything, but I was just curious for future reference.
  2. Most likely it's talking about daily use.

  3. Possibly, but I have a hard time considering a couple .1 trenches in the MFLB heavy use.
  4. A few every day would be I think, drug test wise.
    Keep in mind there more efficient too.
  5. You are getting more Thc in you with a couple .1 trenches than smoking .3 or .4

  6. Thirty days is certainly more the norm, but many people test positive for 60 - 90 days after their last session. :eek:

    'Heavy use' in terms of DTs, is generally a lot less than you'd think, or it's less than what many of us would consider heavy use, and how that use effects and remains in your body depends on not only your metabolism and activity, but your body chemistry.

    Average use could be once a week, or less. Heavy use could be as little as a single small session occurring a few times per week... many of us though, smoke and eat canna almost daily, or every single day if we're patients.
    Some patients who use it that regularly (daily) are also sick, have slower metabolisms, and they often eat and drink much less food and water than 'average' or healthy people. When they stop their meds, their nutrition and water intake often goes even lower, and their metabolism, slower. We're the ones that usually far surpass the 30 day mark by up to several months, but frequently, healthy recreational users wind up in that group, as well. :)

    Long story short, it's better to be safe than sorry..

    Delay the test as long as you can, detox properly in the meantime, with lots of water, juices, use a body cleansing detox kit if you like, and the day of the test use a 'detox' drink or tablets made for passing a drug test.... the latter kits are NOT actually detoxing your body, but just your urine and excretions (saliva etc), by means of a barrier method. Unlike a healthy detox which flushes your body, it lines the bladder, kidneys, and the cellular walls leading to the ducts in your saliva glands, temporarily preventing chemical excretion.

    Healthy detoxing, and detox kits made for flushing the body, remove chemicals from your system at a rapid pace.... taking one of these the day of a drug test can result in HIGHER readings than you'd otherwise have given!

    Hope this helps, and again, if it's going to effect your life and future you are better safe than sorry, so utilize all avenues for protection that you can!

  7. I failed on day 35...:eek: But I define heavy user....not fat.. just smoke way more than the average person..:p
  8. I smoked 1-2 times daily for the past few years. I passed an army drug test after just 14 days of quitting. I do have an above-average metabolism though, and I drank about 6 cups of water per day for those two weeks, which is not outrageous, just about normal water intake for any human I would think.

    In the end, it just depends on your body.
  9. Heavy use is broad as fuck.

    I used know people who smoke grams a day, an other will say 'weaksauce' or something like that.

    To me, if you HAVE to smoke before everything, I consider you a heavy smoker and will avoid you.
  10. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']Heavy use is broad as fuck.

    I used know people who smoke grams a day, an other will say 'weaksauce' or something like that.

    To me, if you HAVE to smoke before everything, I consider you a heavy smoker and will avoid you.[/quote]

    Some of us are medical users and have to smoke before doing everything for a reason. Personal I avoid judgmental assholes not heavy smokers. ;)

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