Defiencies or worse?

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  1. So my garden the past few days leafs been changing colors on me not sure if it's defiencies, p.h issues, bugs (any type of mites or root aphids) but it's really been pissing me off. My new growths are coming in fine, but some of these leafs are changing differently patterns of "defiencies"
    Soil I'm using is roots organic 707 auruora(organic) I use heavy 16 full line for veg and flower.
    My p.h is usually around 6.1-6.5 the highest.. I did have some hypoaspis miles around the rims of my pots (atleast that's what I identified them as They did no harm to my plants and only stayed around my soil, mostly I'm thinking Because the soil is orangic.) but don't see any damage from them as i inspect regularly on leafs that looks like they could be from mites. Here's a bunch of dif pics from the most worse leafs off each plant.
    Two strains I'm running Chemdawg4
    Orange cookies (second and third picture)
    Veg room stays the coolest 72-82f (just when ac turns on it gets little cold) and humidity the lowest it has been was 34% and highest 63% can't seem to stay steady set without buying a humidifier

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  2. I would like to gain some knowledge on this also. I have a couple plants that are going thru(I think) the same symptoms. One thing I did see is the aphids or gnats were a problem and once I used Diatenasious earth(sp) after four or five days it has almost got rid of them. I'm still experiencing the leaves looking like they are being ate and turning brown. I hope a mad scientist can help us both!

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  3. I'm ultimately a ebb and flood/hydroponics type guy BUT I may have a lead for ya. Mint is a large factor in getting rid of most pests. So if you have some friends hanging around your garden that you don't want try finding a mixture that incorporates mint. Like for us we use Komplete Enzymes which helps ward off most pests and helps incredibly against diseases. I'd recommend looking them up. Good luck and happy growing!

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  4. Not a mad scientist but hope what I explained above helps! If your leaves are browning I'd recommend checking PH or start prioritizing the nutrients by pruning any burned leaves.

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  5. Looks like you have pH issues. Not sure what you're using to test for pH levels, but if it's a super cheap pH tester, toss it in the trash. You would do better with one of the cheap drop kits than those because they are totally unreliable. If you want a good quality pH tester you can count on every time, spend the money and buy a
    BlueLab pH tester. I paid around $80 for mine and haven't regretted it since. If you have a good one but haven't calibrated lately, that's always something I advice. They get out of calibration over time and can give you wrong readings. See some signs of what looks like moth bites in one of the pictures. Next time, post pics taken under natural lighting and give us some of the whole plant and not just leaves. Include your watering and feeding schedules and products you might be giving the plant because the more we know about how you operate, the better chance we can help you out. Good luck. TWW
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  6. Thank you all, yes I use the blue lab ph tester, I'm pretty sure it's my p.h imbalances I've been looking and using my microscope and not one bug found only gnats or could be flying aphids (which I doubt) the plants have been recovering since I lifted my p.h on my plan water just to equal the balence for the run off water to be checked. I watered once since these pictures, today will be another water day, they are recovering slowly but surely

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