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  1. Here's the image:


    This plant (autoflower) is approx. 1 month old from seed. Mars 700w @ about 10 inches from canopy. In Ocean Forest. not receiving any nutes yet. It's in the tent w another plant that's doing wonderfully.

    Your thoughts on the discoloration of the leaves? How is this plant doing for ~1 month? Any tips?

    It's either an white widow (af) or early miss (af). Maybe you can help with that too?

    Anything is appreciated!
  2. Could be an magnisum defficncy ...
    Should start her on some low dose nutes man she is tiny for a month and see how that goes.
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  3. She's just in really hot soil, so I wasn't thinking it could be a deficiency. I'll begin nutes regimen to begin :(
  4. Don't be sad bro, all a learning experience.. I'm sure She will pick up fine.
  5. for sure, man. just ordered some cal-mag, so we'll see! thanks
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