Deficiency/Toxicity/Root Rot in RDWC?

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Deficiency, root rot, overwatering nutrient block?

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  1. Hey everyone. Recently started growing again in an RDWC system. The plants seem to be exhibiting some sort of deficiency of magnesium or possibly nitrogen that is progressing from the lower leaves up - starting at the end of the leaves. About a week prior they were suffering from some fairly bad underwatering as a result of the roots not yet reaching the water below. This is what I believed caused the dead sections of some of the fan leaves. These are recently transplanted clones at 4 weeks of age that were in soil prior. Using GH 3 part with hydroguard and calmag now. ~150-200 ppm cal mag. Ph steady 5.7-6. CO2 injected 800 ppm under 2 600w mh. I'm thinking this is possible nutrient block from overwatering, mag deficiency, or root rot. Res temps are pretty high at around 75-80f. Considering doing a Peroxide flush today. Leaf discoloration is progressing.


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  2. It looks like a possible phosphorous deficiency, but really if the roots aren't touching the water, its probably the reason. Could be root rot as well, you never mentioned the water temperature.
  3. "res temps 75-80f" but yeah thanks for your input man trying to figure it out. Just need those roots to poke through already.
  4. sorry I missed that. For the record, if you are in the States, you can purchase Garden Friendly Fungicide which uses the same organisms as Hydroguard, but at a greater concentration (and is less expensive). Personally, I use Earth Alive. Its been working well in hydroponics, but it does stain the roots.

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