Deficiency/toxicity or something else?

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  1. Evening guys
    Growing 5 Gorilla Zkittles in coco
    50-60RH (just adding a de humid)
    31-32c temps peak lights on, on a hot summers day
    24 days into flower now and had yellowing from the bottom aswell as dropping & claw tips for probably a week or so now. All seems to have come from when I fed them with the Canna A+B at full strength (4ml per L) but I may have missed it so could not be down to that.
    I completely flushed them on the weekend until run off was clear but since then the bottom yellowing leaves have wilted/shrivelled up, & fell off. Iv not been ferting much due to thinking I over ferted as a couple of my leaves showed sign of nute burn at the tips..
    I can see bud site development still they’re visually getting bigger each day so at a bit of a loose end, top half of the plants look lovely & green.

    Smaller lower leaves I noticed a couple of them have started show sign of yellow spots as if they’re starting to do the same or a sign of something else?
    Pictures of this ^^ are the first two..

    Any ideas anyone?

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