Deficiency or Toxicity?

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  1. Looking for a little input, two days ago I watered this Banana OG plant with 1/4 strength schultz 10-15-10, a little lime, a little epsom salt, and a little apple cider vinegar to lower pH, this plant has also been receiving foliar feedings of seaweed extract (.10%-.10%-1.5%) for around a week. The plant has shown no improvement since last watering, what could this deficiency be? It appears to mostly affect older leaves, however today I noticed it on one new growth, which is why I'm posting. Since the previous watering did not help I'm not sure if this is a deficiency, or is it too much nutes?
    Any help is appreciated

    It is in organic soil medium (around 45% compost, however the compost said not for potting. the rest is a mix of vermiculite, perlite, peat moss, and a little earth worm, as well as a handful or two of MG organic soil, and a pinch of blood meal)
    pH ~6.8
    temps are between 70 and 80. humidity between 25 and 50.
    also, if it's relevant the lights are on 24/7 still, I will be going to 18/6 soon.

    edit: it is a 400w MH with supplemental CFLs

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    Not knowing what, or how much your feeding your plants is hard to determine. Right off I say over fertilized. I base this on the fact that some of the leaves curl down, the tips are burned and they almost look a little dark green. This is mostly caused by over fertilizing, and or a ph problem. You seem to be over concerned with lowering the ph of the soil. The ph test should be done on the soil and your solution adjusted to raise, or lower the soil ph over time.
    The plant looks like it's in the early stages of over fertilizing and would suggest taking a step back, do a good flush and get your soil neutralized and then adjust to 6.5-6.8. Fertilize with 1/4 mixed solution and build up depending on the plants need. Feed every other week to avoid salt build up and over fertilizing.
  3. It's not N toxicity (aka "overfert")

    It looks like a micronutrient deficiency. I'd guess iron and/or zinc. You're either causing lockout with other things or have a ph problem. Is your soil pH currently 6.8?
  4. thanks for the quick replies
    When I last watered it was the first feeding in over 2 weeks, I was not feeding it while the pH was >7.0 (as high as 7.8), because I figured it wouldn't absorb it anyway. I just recently got the pH adjusted, and this was the first watering since then.

    how are you able to tell it's not over fertilization?
    I was thinking it may be mn or mg, but the epsom salt didn't help (though I didn't add much.)the last runoff I checked was 6.8, I had a bad lockout issue for over a week until I transferred the plant just recently.
  5. Beings you just translanted and your ph is 6.8 it probably just needs some time to show signs of improvement. MG gets locked out at ph below 6.5 so lets put that aside for now.
    Keep the ph 6.5-6.8 and feed every other watering with 1/4 strength of good fert that have micronutrients and the essentials and let the organic soil do it's job.
    The problem was probably a ph issue to start with, so now that the ph is under control and in fresh soil needs some time to recover.
  6. thank you very much for the advice. I'll continue giving it a seaweed extract foliar feeding every morning and night and hope for the best. If the problem does not appear to be getting better in a few days I'll update this thread with new pictures and questions.

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