Deficiency or toxicity?

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  1. Growing northern lights in dwc. 5 gal bucket Not a auto. With botanicare pure blend pro grow. Ppm was reading 550 now at 850 to see any difference it would make. Ph at 5.8 most the time. 1000 watt led. No grow tent as of right now. my order was back ordered. Just in my closet with a fan. Trying to figure this thing out. Maybe yall could help.

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  2. Looks like to much fertilizer, and/or too much light.
    It's possible to grow great dwc plants with 350 ppm (500 scale) from seed to harvest.
    I'd reduce the feed to 400 ppm that include CalMag, and raise the lights.
    Too little food/light will slow growth slightly.
    Too much leads to what you have.
  3. >Ppm was reading 550 now at 850 to see any difference it would make.<

    Did you notice if the leaves started to look like this after you bumped the ppm to 850?

    If so, thats the difference it made. I agree with backing off nutes because your growing in DWC. You dont have to push hard in DWC, allow the oxygen in the water to work its magic.

    * Also note - keep your eye on yoir plant everyday, because if you make a mistake with nutes, you'll see it very quickly. Allowing you to put her in plain water and re-evaluate the plan...

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  4. The leaves was like that before i bumped up the nutes. My lights are 24" away and can not go no higher. I had to veg it out longer than i wanted cause my tent got back ordered. She is 20 inches tall. I just super cropped her to lower her down a little. I also flushed her out and started back over with 1/4 nutes and ro water and does any of yalls ppm meter jump up and down while testing? Just wondering cause i wanna make sure its accurate.
  5. How do your roots look?
  6. If you have already started over with fresh water, hopefully RO water, just add the minimum amount of CalMag. Try to keep the water Ph as close to 5.8 with the PPM less than 400. Let it grow for 7 days, keeping plenty of fresh air around her with a fan oscilating. Also, dont forget to drop several drops of H202 in the reservoir to keep the roots bright white.

    You have the right idea, greatly reduce the nutes until shes back to gorgeous.

    Good luck...

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  7. My opinion is that you bumped up already too-high nutes.
    500 ppm would fry my plants.
    pH is better kept around 6.0
    You might have too low humidity. Google Vapor Pressure Deficit.

    I think you have too much light, too much food, and too low humidity.
  8. Also check the water temp... ideal water temp is 68°F. Once it gets above 74°, you'll have more problems.

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