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    hello guys
    totally 550 watt cfl now at 2700k , veg was at 6500k 350watt cfl
    24/0 first 4weeks now turned to 22/2
    2 x autoflower feminized (quick bud ) currently running the 5th week of life
    20 litr pot garden soil enriched with guanokalong (150g)
    i use tap water with ph 7 , mix of tap water and soil measured at ph 6.4-6.5
    Temp 28 C max 29,5 but for very short time (an hour per day ) good ventilation
    i had a good snap on the main stem of 1 plant but now is almost healed , stretched them since week 2

    The first 3 weeks i only gave them water , the 4 week i give them 0.5 ml of biogrow and after i notice some upper leaves having ''the claw '' , i thought of N toxicity but because the guano i used was low in N (1-10-1) , the plants had good growth , i hadnt fed any N the first 3 weeks and the symptoms were not severe yet , i didnt gave any flush .
    Some days after , i had like 10 tips of upper leaves yellowing (girls had already good mass then pretty much like the pics) and it was going like a classic mild nute burn so i gave a flush (until the water come clear out of the pot) . 24 hours later the plants were looking like they took a boost and i thought everything was fine .
    There is a lot of guano in the soil and the plants look almost dark green so i decide i dont feed anything until they ask .
    But some days later i see some more marks not only on the tips of the leaves like the burn continues ,so i give a second good flush and leave them in the dark for 2 hours to drain and rest (i had them on 24/0 then )
    After 2 hours i notice some new marks on several leaves most of them dark purplish or brown like tyical phosphorus deficiency in first stage . i was amazed of how fast this happened . After some research i decide to give 0.5ml top max + o.5ml biobloom .
    The pics are today 2 days after i fed , the mass of the leaves affected is growing , some look like cal-mag def to me some like nute burn some like P def . The purplish spots are brown now .
    Please advice me for the next move because there are only few weeks left and i know that if i screw now i will loose the crop 20160422_161648.jpg 20160422_161529.jpg 20160422_161914.jpg 20160422_161407.jpg 20160422_161544.jpg 20160422_161648.jpg 20160422_161740.jpg 20160422_162004.jpg

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    and more pics 20160422_173641.jpg 20160422_173520.jpg 20160422_173508.jpg 20160422_173531.jpg 20160422_173540.jpg 20160422_173547.jpg 20160422_173600.jpg 20160422_173636.jpg

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  3. plz help guys i see new leaves with marks every 4-5 hours i am thinking of giving them 1ml bloom +1ml top max and 2 ml mag extra :(
  4. Hi john. I really tgink yr ph too high. Only nitogen gets to ya plant at that ph. Lower it as ya look like u got a lok out of other nutes. Espesially mag and calcium etc. Them nutes cant be absorbed by u plant. It will get worst if dunt alter ya ph . Siol is 5.8 to 6.2 .but i wood go for the 5.8 so nutes get in her. U av flushed so do that ph and if neeeded sum calmag from shop but try ph first. Thro ugh my own experience i can bet ph is ya prob. Gud luk babe xx
  5. Defo lower ph and add magcal one ml a liter if needed x
  6. Could be slight burn since autos can be extremely sensitive to nutes and a lot of people recommend not feeding autos. What are your temps?
  7. temps are realtively high 27-29 C and about 23-25 night time
    How i lower ph i dont think i can find buffer fastly 7-10 days min
    i have grown 4 times same soil and water never had ph issues and i thought 6.5 was fine
    should i test mud or water coming from pot ?
    i also have purple stems

    thank you guys
  8. slight burn from the guano ? i have good plant mass and no food except from it when the first signs came
    i also need to say its
    NPK is 1-10-1
  9. Purple stem combined with these rust spots I would say cal/mag deficiency.. Can't be sure though. You can be sure by giving a shot of calmag like someone else said.

    Good luck.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
  10. ok i will give , i have some mag xtra
    what dosage should i use ? its 2ml per litr and i have a 20 litr pot for both plants
    and in general when the nutrients say 1ml/ltr how many litr solution for 20 litr pot ? obviously 1 litr will get small part of roots

    thank you CarterCannabis
  11. The measurement is per liter of water that you're watering with, not pot size.

    2 L of water = 2 ml of calmag (in that scenario and so on)

    No problem man.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
  12. yes i know its per liter but i dont know the right amount of water i should give for 20litr pot
    until now i gave 4 liters every 3-4 days but with this big pot i am not sure if its enough
  13. Hi feel ya siol . Go into siol a few inch see if miost etc. If dry gi more. I water a 25 ltr pot slowly until runs from bottom. I dont count as i just look and feel. It depends how much ya plants take etc too. Do wat ya normally do and then feel siol. If still dry then give more. Hope that helps. Xxx goid luck . Xxx
  14. added mag xtra and 1/8 of dosage top max and biobloom , symptoms stoped to be so fast and intense i hope i loose only the damaged leaves i removed everything over 50% damaged
    Bud growth is still going on :)

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