Deficiency or not? Please help

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  1. Hello fellow enthusiasts,

    New to the site and looking for some help from the experts out there.
    So I'm doing my first indoor grow and overall the plants seem to be doing really well. Lately though I have noticed some of the lower leaves seemingly dying of necrosis and the newer growth is coming in pale green almost yellow.
    I am also getting some purple in the leaf stems on a few of them.
    A little info on my set up. I'm running this grow in a 3x3 tent with a Spider Farmer SE 3000 (awesome light) with a mix of Sohum and Happy Frog soil in fabric pots.
    Humidity is on point and as of yet I have not over or under watered these girls.
    Will post some pics of what I'm seeing.

    Thanks in advance,
    Nem 20230203_172718.jpg 20230203_172718.jpg

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  2. Some of the dying leaves I pulled off.

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  3. A little more info. I am Ph'ing the water at 6.2 to 6.5. Using a mixture of tap (that has sat out for 24 hrs minimum) and distilled water.
    The only nutes I have used thus far is Fox Farm Holy mackerel at 1/2 strength and a dose or 2 of photosynthesis plus microbial.

    Temps are fairly steady at 75 degrees.
    Strains are Purple punch, Baked Apple and 2 Orange cream cake.
  4. Maybe a little light on Iron of all things up top, and a mix of potassium and something else (not sure what) toward the bottom. Basically, I think if you just bump up the feed a little bit, should be golden.
    The tops are obviously quite vigorous and healthy, so we are talking a fine tuning here, not a massive change.
  5. Appreciate the input. Yeah feeding these girls is the one thing that's got me most worried since I'm running the Sohum soil. I've gone really light on that afraid I might torch them because it does look like I got a little nute burn somewhere along the way.
    I switched to 12-12 about a week ago,I hope I didn't jump the gun on that if they aren't perfectly healthy.
    I hit them with a light feeding yesterday and didn't notice any change when I popped the tent open this morning.
    Will throw up some more pics.
  6. If it let's me load pics that is. I keep getting errors.
    Is there a max size limit I should be aware of?

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