Deficiency or lockout?

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  1. not sure if I'm having a lock out or a deficiency. They are in day 27 of flowering.

    I have been using tap water with these specifications:

    I ph tested the water with the droplets ph up and down kit before feeding and it looked to be 6.5-7

    I have been feeding with neptunes harvest tomato and veg 2-4-2 throughout the grow and roots organic hpk 0-4-3 since I started flowering . I use hpk every other watering and neptunes harvest every other so hpk-water-hpk-water-neptunes-water-hpk-water and so on. Last couple weeks though I just began using only the neptunes since the first few weeks of flower is stretching.

    I'm in a 4x6.5 grow tent with exhaust at 300cfm and venting outside and passive intake from an air conditioned room. I also have a 6inch clip on fan blowing constantly on high.

    I'm using a 600w hps light with adjust a wing reflector

    I just gave it a nice epsom salt foliar feed last night and sprinkled dolomite lime on top today. I used the dolomite lime a couple times throughout the grow. Today I watered with 1 teaspoon of epsom salt a gallon. It looked like mag deficiency cuz there is brown spots on some leaves. I'm not sure what is going on I'm basically thinking about just giving them a nice flush even though I did that epsom salt feeding. I feel like that was a bad idea. Some leaves have brown ends about 1/2inch in and on the sides and some spots. All 3 plants are pretty tall almost 4- 5 feet each. Please help ASAP not sure what I should do and I want these plants to live and grow a lot more bud!

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  2. You need a couple pics in natural lighting away from the darn yellow HPS. We can't see much of anything in that yellow lighting.

    I will tell you that the bottom leaves you showed often yellow, shrivel, whither and die - and it's completely natural. Again, can't see much under the HPS though.

  3. Yeah sorry about that I didn't.think of that. Will post some natural lighting pics in a little picking up my rental got into. A 3 car accident(my car was parked lol)
  4. Alright here are some better pictures. I called my local supply store and there were thinking my nitrogen or calcium was locked out and to flush and feed it low strength notes with nitrogen in it. What do u guys think
  5. Here's are the pictures

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  6. Problem still happening although there seems to be growth I ran 5 gallons of water through each plant and next time ima run 2 gallons of water each plant, but what should I use epsom salts, molasses or my nutes? Any suggestions I'm assuming it's lockout

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