Deficiency or genetics?

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  1. Hey everyone, I have an issue, possibly. I have never grown blue dream before, I am 99% sure that's what it is. About one month into growth, at every new growth area, she has red fading to green from the stem side to the tip. The plant is healthy, a little over watered at the moment. Fox farm nutes and OF soil. Running very minimal nutes currently as this soil is pretty hot on seedlings I've learned. Any idea what I have going on or is this blue dream, doing its thing? Quick run down to weed out the obvious questions.
    Fox farm OF soil, a little over watered
    1 gal fabric pot
    Minimal nutes- fox farm trio
    Veg room runs 64 watts a Sq ft lighting
    Intake and exhaust vent system
    Average temp is 70 for the last week, did drop into the sixties overnight in the veg room.
    Can't think of much more I can add at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone! 1571449235446.jpg

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  2. Who is the breeder??

    I would definitely say this is genetics. My blue dreams from HSO have given me some pretty colored leaves.

    Blue Dream comes from DJ Shorts Blueberry and an unknown Haze strain. Blueberry is such a colorful plant and most likely is what is giving you those colors!
  3. I'm guessing temp, it actually has dropped to 60 in there over the last two nights. Time to dust off the heater. Thanks so much for your reply though. Was my gut feeling it's just natural color.

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