Deficiency or Environment issue?

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  1. Caramel cream clone has been growing great. Recently bought all natural fert for my babies and they have been taking off, but cream needs special attention atm. All help appreciated!!

    Watered/ fed yesterday and today plant does look light years better. Still a bit of curling on leaves though and of course the colour and leafs are dry and crumbly almost. Being kept outdoors, southern Ontario.


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  2. what PH is your water?

    if PH is fine, its early still, that could be nitrogen, calcium, or magnesium deficiency. I might try a little Alfalfa compost tea for nitrogen and see what they think! Add a little oyster shell powder in the mix too, that will help with cal/mag and it mixes in with water instantly.
  3. Nutrients.jpeg

    I do not KNOW, but does it look like magnesium to you?
    This is a dandy chart... that I stole.
  4. Never have tested ph, I fill water jugs and let them sit for 24 hours to dechlorinate. Have very recently started feeding with Gaia green all natural fert 4-4-4[​IMG]

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  5. Warm over the weekend, all sun probably 28 Celsius. I let them get fairly dry before watering yesterday morning. Rained a bit last night and definitely looks better today, leaved were curled inward badly yesterday but I thought water would help

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  6. Shot in the dark here, but have you carefully checked the leaves for Broad Mites or Russet Mites? They're suppose to be very tiny, even too tiny for the naked eye to catch right off. Just something you may want to look into.
  7. I'd start by getting your PH in check and if it already is than supplement to see if it's a nutrient deficiency. PH first to see if its lockout, if not than youll know for sure its deficiency.

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