Deficiency, Nutriment Overdose, Or Heat Stress?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have three plants. All of them have some problems. I checked various resources but still have no idea what causes them so any help is welcome. 
    Seeds : Northern Lights Automatic from Sensi Seeds. 
    Soil : Biobizz all mix soil.
    Nutriment :
    Last 2 weeks of vegetative grow, i gave them "plagron alga grow" between 1 and 3ml / L every watering. Since flowering, i gave them plagron alga bloom nutrient, between 1 and 3ml / L (max recommended dosage is 4ml / L) almost every watering. I've never checked the pH. Before flowering,
    Pots, weather, age : 
    they grew up either outside or inside under CFL light. Plant A and C are 55 days old in an 11L pot, and plant B is 40 days old in a 7.5 pot. This last week has been very hot and sunny. 34 degres celsius = 94F.
    Pests :
    plant A suffered from some pest attacks, but it seems to be ok now. 
    Now some pictures :
    Plant A :
    Plant B :
    DSCF4334.JPG DSCF4336.JPG
    Thanks !
    Plant C :
    DSCF4346.JPG DSCF4347.JPG

  2. Nutriment Overdose: This last week has been very hot and sunny. 34 degrees Celsius = 94F. and then you feed them that chemical sh!te, lucky you have any plants at all, better for you to ease of the nute poisoning and flush ya babies, 3 times the volume of the pot with air temperate ..Ph neutral water, no food for 3 weeks or until you see an improvement, even then feed at 50% less what you feed now
    55 days old is plant A and C ..and Northern Lights AUTO, So wheres the buds or are you just keeping them in veg....?
  3. if it is just the lower leaves it should be fine if they dont get alot of sun the plant will kill it off for the food that is in the leaves. is the whole plant green or yellow?

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