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  1. Hey y'all, I'm a couple weeks into my 2nd grow, and getting this light discoloration on some of the leaves. Is it a deficiency? I just started feeding them nutrients yesterday....

    4x4 tent
    HLG 260w XW
    4x Chem OG in 2gal smart pots sprouted about 2 weeks ago, they have about 4 sets of leaves each.

    Link to grow is in my signature.

  2. Looks like starving plants to me.
    What are you feeding them?
  3. Just fed them yesterday for the first time. They got:
    1ml/L AN Sensi Grow
    0.5ml/L AN Voodoo Juice
    0.5ml/L AN B52

    Each 2gal pot took about 1.5 litres before seeing run off.

    Runoff PH: 6.35
  4. I'm not a solid medium person, but I too have under-fed in hydro, and my plants looked like yours.
    Those lighter places are lack of chlorophyll due to under-feeding.
    Problems went away when feed was increased.
    Unless the soil has food in it, sprouts need at least very light food almost immediately.
  5. Can you take a picture without the lights on?
  6. Kinda hard to get a good pic with no lights.... honestly the pics I posted originally with the light are more accurate..
  7. I'm thinking it could be calmag too because I'm using RO water. I fed yesterday with the full Advanced Nutrients recommended it ok to go over their recommended dose? Anyways they won't be ready for another watering for a few days so I've been researching foliar feeding....

  8. I would never go over recommended feeding of any nutes.
    I was gonna suggest calmag.
    Good luck, I think you’ll be fine :love-mj2:
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  9. The CalMag suggestion is a good one.
    Many of us never go above 50% strength nutes.
  10. That makes sense. I'm at the grow store right now picking up some calmag. I'll update and let you know what happens. Thanks for your help...

  11. Man, this just kept getting worse and worse to the point of really bad looking pale streaks on the leaves. I'm attaching pictures of the problem in various stages. Foliar feeding calmag helped a bit but I'm still seeing this develop on the lower older leaves. The weird thing is, it almost looks like light burn because the shades areas of the leaves aren't as affected. But I'm having a hard time believing it's light burn because the top leaves don't look affected. The plants are still growing but it worries me. Is overwatering a possibility? When I first transplanted into 2gal fabric pots, they were staying wet for a whole week with a bit less than 1.5litres of water.

    They start out browning like this and go on to look like the 2 other pics:
    IMG_20190626_184735207.jpg IMG_20190626_184740143.jpg IMG_20190626_184749177.jpg

  12. Do you by chance pH your water before feedings? Or measure ph run off?
  13. I've been testing run off, last time it was at 6.35...

  14. Are you a soil or coco guy, my friend?
  15. Soil!
  16. As long as the new growth looks healthy you'll be ok.
    It's common for lower fan leaves to fade and die from lack of light.
    Especially ones that have been injured.
  17. You’re overwatering because those plants are too small for that bucket. And because you’re overwatering, the root hairs are rotting and cannot absorb nutrients. Notice that your plants are tight and are not branching out. Your leaves are puffy filled with water because that is the only thing the plant can absorb without it’s root hairs. Those plants should be in a party cum at that stage. Otherwise, in that bucket, should be watered once a week.
  18. They're in 2gallon fabric pots. Might be misleading in the pictures but they're much too big for party cups (the thermometer in the middle is on a stack of party cups). This is how the looked a week ago before I topped them (they were taking water once a week when I took this pic):


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