Deficiency in this little dudeski?

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  1. Sup GC,

    Wonderin' if this litte dudeski is deficient on some nutrients. It's been fed once with a little food, MG Houseplant leftover. Don't really have any intentions to fert or nute unless the plant needs it - none to expand growth.

    The plant is about 16 days old, give or take a couple. Under CFL lighting that is kept quite close.

    I've noticed the older leaves are yellowing, one broke off by virtue of a clumsy hand. The newer leaves seem nicer, but as you can see in the macro, many of the tips are a bit off in color.

    The soil is TIME RELEASE MG Organic. This is because nothing better could be procured in the area in the necessary time span.

    Any info, positive or negative, greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    PS~ The plant was topped and didn't seem to mind it. If possible, this little lady (hopefully) will be LST'd. In addition to this, the girl was transplanted to a 10" pot yesterday, potentially it's permanent home due to size constraints.



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  2. A plant at that size is screaming for some nitrogen. Give her some sort of grow nutrient and as long as you don't over do it, she will thank you for it.

    You notice how the top leaves are green (even though they are slightly light) the bottom leaves are turning yellow, that is a sign of a nitrogen deficiency. Give her some food, and she'll be fine.
  3. Wow, you have confirmed my suspicions exactly. I noticed the same pattern in yellowing, and figured it was a MG or N problem because the plant transports those nutrients up to new growth.

    Thank you very much!

  4. By the way, the only food I've access to is MG Houseplant... 8-7-6. For future reference, is this essentially not even worth it for cannabis in regards to other nutes out there?
  5. If you have access to other nutrients then I would go with those. You can grow MJ with MG, because MJ is indeed a plant. You just have to be careful with it, it's easy to burn the plants.

    In my opinion, if you have access to some sort of nutrient that is designed for MJ growing, then you should go for it. If all you have is the MG, then do your best.

    Either way, she need some nitrogen.
  6. Its just recieved about 30ml of tap water that had about half the recommended strength from the MG. This should be enough to not hurt her, but observe empirical results in a few days I hope?

    I'll look for some better nutes out of my reference materials and try to find a place to procure them.
  7. That should be fine. I'm sure she'll enjoy it and show some new growth too, and much more quickly. You'll be surprised at how much faster maintaining a good feeding schedule can help the plant out.

    Here is a tip on finding some good nutrients too. Use the yellowpages online and just look for a hydro shop. I did this one day, and found out that there was one litterally right down the road from me (even though I had no idea it was there). Most hydro shops are tiny, and since you don't use them every day, you probably don't even know they're there.

    Either way, it's worth a shot.

  8. Good idea, I will look into it.

    I am fairly well informed about nutes and just growing in general (I read the grow bible very often for info). That being said I have ignored the stuff on feeding schedules. Would you mind providing a bit of insight?

    The plant we're discussing is NL x Shiva, F1 Hybrid

    Thanks a lot Do Work.
  9. It's really hard to give a feeding schedule for something unless you know the nutes you are going to use. That is why I suggest finding a nutrient that is made for growing MJ because then it's very easy to find a feeding schedule just by searching for one on the internet, or on this website.

    At a high level though, in the begining the most important element the plant needs is nitrogen. Nitrogen basically is the key element in all parts of the vegetative phase. Once you kick it into flowering you don't need the nitrogen anymore, you want high doses of phosphorus and potassium. That is ratio you see on nutrient bottles N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).

    As far as a schedule, I feed my plants like this. One day they get a feeding of nutrients, then they get a day of nothing, the next day they get a feeding of water, then they go a day with nothing, then a day of nutes. Basically every other feeding they get nutes. Most people say to water every 3 days, and usually I do that, but for some reason the plants I'm growing now are just sucking up the water and nutes (and it shows cuz they're growing so fast...).

    Once you get a few grows under your belt, and you experience a few problems, and find ways to fix the problem you can tell what your plants need just by looking at them. Until then see if you can get your hands on the Fox Farm nutrient trio, and you won't go back ;). It's what I use, and right now I have 2 girls in my closet that are 30 days old and are trees and are already starting to bud up nicely.
  10. This is my first run of a real plant. A bagseed grow that I pretty much tested all the limits on got me the basics down. Thanks for the info Do Work. I'll only veg this one for another two weeks or so, as space is limited. I'll plan on having a good nute for flowering I suppose, and stick it out with the rough stuff for now.

    Ty :p
  11. Glad I could help, and good luck! It's always a good idea to start with a bagseed grow, and hopefully you'll get a female.
  12. Well I've read you can guess by the shape and size sometimes - shorter stockier plants are more often female. Well this one is definately stocky, and is not stretching.

    That being said, way too many variables occur to actually grasp anything concrete in my situation haha.

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