Deficiency help?

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  1. Hi all
    New here and first grow.
    I'm in flower looks like 3weeks maybe 4 to go
    This one plants fan leaves look suspect my grow Bible has all pictures but I can not identify the deficiency and what I should add or take away to help this poor baby
    Pic to follow.
    Any guidance I really would appreciate it!!!

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  2. looking pale I call for N deff.
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  3. That's what I thought. What's my best option?
  4. what ae you feeding with?
  5. Organic grow no nutrients
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  6. i'm a coco guy using those liquid salt nutrients... guess i would have been easier for me to help. You cou make a compost tea or try ammending top of your soil. I would go for a tea. get some compost manure with the highest first number. hope this help
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  7. I have only used the stonnington blend soil made for a full grow and ph waterfall the way through
  8. Ph leveled water. Sorry auto correct
  9. Thanks Lucas. I will document my next whole white widow grow. thinking about setting up.your grow way I will have to research cost and materials. I have 300 sq ft to use. Woohooo
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  10. very nice plant look very healty but flowering is the most demanding phase for your plant as the same time your soil is running out of what it already had. Then you should definitely aammend top of your soil with bone meal and bath guano plus make a tea of compost give some available nutrient right away!
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  12. Should I try a little mix. I have this kicking around
  13. Here

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  14. this is fantastic!
    yep. If you have instruction on bottle try half strength first.
    if you have a few minutes I recommend on youtube Mr Cannucks chanel he grows almost only organic and have stunning quality video
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  15. I had a feeling I would need this 70 days ago when I bought my soil. Ahahahahahah. Thank you cannabis gods. I will head to you tube now

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