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  1. Hey,
    I usually try to answer my own questions by researching my questions.  However, this time I need help and specific questions answers.
    Here are a few details:
    It's been in vegetation since August, when I bought the clone.
    200 watts of CFL lights
    17/7 light cycle
    Used Organic Miracle Grow when I planted it.
    I have not added any nutes.
    PH run-off was at 8 last week.  I flushed it and got it down to about 6.5 to  7.
    I wanted to send it into flowing in December, but I had white flies and it took awhile to get them under control. I only have one or two that I can see now.  I'm sure there are some eggs that I missed.  I started getting black spots in mid to late December.  I thought it was due to the pot size.  So, I re-potted and added Kellog's Organic soil.  It now has about 25% new soil and about 75% of the old soil.
    Here is my urgency: it's getting big for my grow box.  I think it has about 12" before it reaches the lights.  My guess is that it got lock out due to the salt build up. ( I didn't know that it needed to be flushed at certain times.  :unsure:  )  I also guess that it has a Potassium and Phosphorus deficiency. 
    I need advice is exactly what to do from here.
    I do have a hydroponics store within 20 minutes of me.  So, I'm pretty sure they have a decent organic line.
    What NPK do I get and how much to use and for how often?
    How long should I expect it to get back to healthy?
    When can I send it into flowering?
    I hope I got all the info you guys need to help.
    Here are few pictures. 

  2. If, (and I believe you do need a decent fertilizer with the method you're growing) youre looking for an actual quality liquid organic fertilizer, try Blue Mountain Organics. Ive not used them but they are supposed to be very good. I would stay away from the grow store crap myself.
    Yes, you need fertilizer badly.
  3. Thanks for info on the Blue Mountain.  I'm looking them up now.
    What NPK numbers should I get??
    Should I do a full or partial dose?
    If buying a fert, you should look for NPK of something like 4-6-4, since you are about to enter flower.  Espoma Garden Tone (3-4-4) would also be great.  Do a full dose.
    For a totally organic option, go to your local farmers' market (or grocery store) and buy organic beets.  You can blend them in a food processor with enough water to make a slurry (about 3:1 ratio of water:beet pulp).  Add about 3/4 of a cup to a gallon of water, shake vigorously, then water your plants as normal (soil drench).  Beet roots are incredibly high in Phosphorus (which is the main deficiency your plants are exhibiting), and both the roots and leaves are very high in Potassium.  You'll be getting a good mix of the entire range of plant nutrients, but with a definite focus on those two.
    I would put your plants in flower immediately.  They look big. 
  5. Holy christ, I just saw in the first post, you've been in veg since August????  Veg is normally between 4-10 weeks.... 14 weeks is a damn long veg.... you're over 20 weeks lol  I'm amazed the MG soil lasted this long.
    You know what else you can do..... buy some high quality worm castings (vermicastings/vermicompost).  Try searching on craigslist, or checking the "Source Organic Components Locally" thread that Jerry started.  Get the highest quality you can (not fed paper and cardboard), and as fresh/local as you can.  Use these to top-dress your ladies with about 1/2"-1" of castings and water it in.
  6. That plant is going to stretch like a mofo' once you put it into flower. One foot of available head room ain't going to cut it. Start looking into training techniques.
  7. Thanks for the input.

    Im on my phone right now and will update you guys tomorrow morning, when I get to my laptop.

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    I have a plant that I just put into flower from october. I thought that was a long time vegging the only reason she hadn't gone in sooner is because it took her until this past tuesday to show her sex. 14 weeks just to show sex but I refuse to put a potential male in my flower room.
  9. I'd suggest a topdressing of EWC/compost mixed with kelp and fish meal if possible. 
  10. Hey,
    I went to the hydroponics store yesterday and bought some ferts.  The guy talked me into General Organics Go Box.  He wasn't trying to up-sale me because they had more expensive ferts that he said were pretty much the same as General Organics.   He said that it's pretty hard to screw up the plant if I stick to the schedule on the box.  My life is a little complicated right now and I just need simple.
    Last night, I added the ferts according to General Organics "transition" phase.  This afternoon, I noticed a good change in the plant.  The top growth is lush green.  It also now has these places where all kinds of hairs are growing out of. (See pics).  I'm guessing they are bud site.  ??
    When I was trimming the dead leaves, I noticed white fly eggs.  So, I spent time scrapping them off.
    I will LST's it later today or tomorrow.  My wife had a root canal done today and I will have to tend to her for the rest of the day. 
    I have to make sure that my garage is light proof because I know my grow box is not. 
    LOL..  Yeah...  It's getting big.. A little too big for my box. I LST'd it when it was a teenage clone.  That's why it has all those stocks.  I stopped LST'ing it because I focused on getting rid of the white flies, then forgot to keep up with the LST'ing.  :unsure:
    I'm going to flip it to a 12/12 cycle tomorrow or the next day.  I want to give it a little rest from the new ferts, trimming, and LST'ing.  I noticed that when I previously trimmed and LST'd at the same time, it took a little longer to spring back compared to when I would LST and trim a couple days apart. 
    I think I can get the branches down to the point where I would have 2' of top room for it to grow. I'm hoping that that would be enough.
    One more question:
    Should I water once a week? Or feed, water, water feed?  He suggested the latter method.
    Thanks Again.  I will post more pics when I get it LST'd more.

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