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  1. I am using patio plus soil. A 600watt hid. Fox farm nutrients .I am having an issue. This is my first grow been trying my best.

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  2. I just trimmed all the extra leaves out they where super bushy I want to switch them to flower but they are sick
  3. Your room temp may be too high.

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  4. I have been struggling with the temp since day 1 but I am in a small apartment .
  5. So am I. You have central a/c? Great tool. If you can get your hands on some smaller desk fans, that could help.

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  6. Dude that is classic pest damage that is proliferating fast cuz of the heat...Google thrip damage...and aphids damage then click images and compare your leaves...
    good luck and good grows keep us posted

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  7. What's the best way to correct this I don't want it to get worse
  8. I just watered last night with grow big by Fox pH at 6-6.5
    And I don't have tiger bloom just big bloom by fox. Thought I had to wait untill flower to use it ?
  9. correct the deficiency by feeding 1/4 nutrient solution until you see it normal out...NOT straight water. and get some neem oil to keep the bugs at bay...DO get a microscope and check the undersides for pests though...potassium deficiency is likely cuz the root zone ph fluctuated..BUT the damage from that would be more uniform ...and in the pics I see it being sporadic which means bugs....

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  10. Because the temp has been high when I get home from work I have been misting everything with my left over nut water 1 a day. Could this be an issue. My seedlings and clones seem to be fine ?
  11. It can be caused by the ph being too high. You should be feeding in the 6.5 range.
  12. Take the time to find a solid source and actually read up on the plant and it's nutritional needs throughout it's life if you want to use "nutes" to your advantage. Simply pouring in chemicals because somebody said to and not understanding what you're doing and why, just leaves you in the dark. If you want to be good at this, put the time in to learn the craft and then apply that knowledge to your grow. It's just basic botanical science and the more you understand it, the better plants you can grow. I will tell you that unless you have the lighting to support the plant, you're not going to get very much out of it at the end. Every plant you flower has to have enough wattage of good quality light to force it to grow and produce. Nutes are plant food. Lights produce growth. TWW
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  13. I only mist plants with my regular preventative maintenance for bugs and pests..and that's maybe once a week only during Veg......misting to cool them off might jack up humidity...depends...really I would do something else to get the temps in range...(blower fans) ac , air cooled lights or leds...there's some options there...but don't let it get over 85f this slows growth and makes it perfect for bugs to chew on the undersides of the leaves essentially making the plant look like other deficiency is happening... ...also what's the runoff ph and the ec level? 6.5 to 7.2 is ideal for soil...NOT below 6.5 if your giving soil 6.0 it'll still grow but sluggish and lime green....hope this helps good luck and good grows keep us posted

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  14. Thanks for your reply and I definitely need to research some more when I switch to flower I want to put a 1200watt in and switch the 600 for my veg
  15. Grow big has a high nitrogen to p&k ratio 6-4-4. I veg with more phosphorous and potassium then that. 4-8-7 GH floranova bloom. I had phosphorus deficiencies with Grow which is 7-4-10. As you can see though with 10 potassium I never had that deficiency.

    I learned through the lucas formula that many people have success doing start to finish with roughly that 4-8-7 npk ratio. If you try to grow too long with just 6-4-4 eventually you'll be low on p&k. The older the cannabis plant gets the more it wants those over nitrogen.

    Big bloom is a weaker p&k booster that foxfarm users use in veg to boost the low p&k in just using grow big. Tiger bloom in small amounts wouldn't hurt to get more phosphorus and potassium to the plants quick even in veg.
  16. I have never tested the run off I will have to do this and I only started out with CFLs and small stuff so no I am trying to fix all my beginner mistakes these plants have been in veg for a long time maybe three months. I messed with them way to much each plant has like 15 tops
  17. thsts not thrip or aphid damage had both looks nothing like it not at leaf edges heat wont help what humididty looks like If P and i think mag too your ph msy be off a bit.

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  18. Yeah these plants have been in veg for a long time maybe 3months I will switch next water to see how it does
  19. run off is key my tells you the root zone ph...if it's off that's the reason for the nutrient problem....and then if the space is too hot ...little create an environment bugs love... which sounds like maybe a bit of both...and by the pics I would say both...

    good luck and good grows keep us posted

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