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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by amg_ognick, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. Nitrogen? Hard to tell the color of the leaves with that yellow light.
  2. Not one to be all that concerned about. Odds are you'll do more harm chasing it than ignoring it.
  3. I know sorry but do i just feed it normal a+b food? I just bought these teens

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  4. A+B being veg and flower(bloom)?

    If so the manufacturer should have a feeding chart for your stage of growth and vigor and method. Usually it's a mix of both going heavier on one than the other depending on the stage.
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  5. Ok so if im in the flower stage. Because i made sure when i bought them theybwere atleast 2 months old. [​IMG] so then i do have the a+b food. Doni under dose it or how much less should i try

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  6. for that last picture what was your last feeding that you gave to the plants? your leaves are starting to get brown burn spots which is calcium deff. Does the new growth have this? If it doesn't don't worry about it to much for the next time you water just use plain water then start with half strength notes and see were that goes.

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