Deficiencies or nutrient burn help!!

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  1. Hello thank you for reading, My 2 plants are nearly 4 weeks old now and have started to brown on the ends and sides of the leafs, it has started from the bottom leafs and made its way up to higher leafs, I feed my plants once a week with nutrients and I'm not sure if it's receiving the correct balance, if my leafs are doing this because I've given them to much created "hot soil" or whether my plant is lacking in nutrients and is now suffering from deficiencies, I'm worried to top up anymore nutrients just incase, I will attach a photo and hope someone more experienced then my self will be able to help me with this issue, thank you

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  2. What medium you in?
    Run off ph?
    Water and nutrients ph?
    How high are lights hung?
    Quantity of nutrients used when feeding ?
  3. Looks like burn not deficiencies to me
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  4. Agree, you could do a slurry test to check your soils PH and PPM. Looks and sounds like nutrient burn
  5. My medium is a light premix garden soil (it's not coco or perlite)
    I treat my water to stay between 5.6 to 6
    Havent tested any run of pH
    My lights are 60whatts and hung about 4 inches above the plant
    Atm the moment I'm using miricle grow (seemed to be working really well grew fast) that contains P, K nitrate, C and the other nutrients,
    I'm very new to this so not sure if miricle grow was the best choice, I ordered some weed specific nutrients that are arriving tomorrow with different doses of nutrients because I thought the miricle grow might be the issue
  6. Depends on the MG, but usually they have slow release nutrients which make it hard to feed when and what your plants want. If you have some kind like that PLUS feeding extra nutrients and you are still in Veg stage, I would say they are burned for sure
  7. If I was you next time defo add perlite to whatever medium your using. It helps the roots breath by giving you an airy medium and better drainage . If you have been using a lot of nutrients with bad drainage then I would suggest flushing with just ph'd water as you may have salt build ups at the bottom of your medium
  8. Also fuck miracle grow lol :lmafoe:
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  9. Also I would increase your ph to 6.5

    Il post a chart of what nutrients are absorbed at different ph levels for you

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  10. The MG isn't the slow release kind luckily, when this specified nutrient solution arrives il be using that from now on, and I brought light soil because I had heard they need good drainage and breathing but next time il invest in some perlite to add in , if I now just use ph'd water to flush it do you have any idea on how many waters before I should start feeding again or how long it will take my plant to recover? (Also thank you for the advice so far guys )
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  11. Oh
    Wow okay thanks for the gragh, I shall increase the pH to 6.5
  12. I would give it a good flush with a decent run off about 20-30 % . And let her recover until her first inch of soil is dry. Check the leaves and see if tour problem progresses. Keep us posted . Maybe take a few pictures from certain angles now and a couple days after the flush to see how she's getting on
  13. Good luck brother
  14. Thanks for your help man, I've been worrying about it like crazy, good idea, il keep you updated with her recovery :)
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  15. Dude I'd lift your light abit aswell

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