Deficiencies or burn?

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  1. 642B367E-3127-4896-B074-98E62FCCF63D.jpeg F3B0DA2F-4B26-4053-914D-CFF40946536E.jpeg Hey everyone,
    Are any of you able to tell if this is calcium deficiency or nute burn? I’ve looked at pictures on the web and I can’t seem to tell the difference.
    THANKS! There are some that are worse than this but I pruned them off already
  2. Looks like ph issues. Are your ph in and out in range?
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  3. In is between 6.2-6.5
    We are using soil and I haven’t measured out because I normally don’t water it enough to make water come out the bottom
  4. Next time feed to waste some and check the runoff.
  5. Ok, thanks!
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  6. Most deficiencies are actually ph issues and easily solved by getting it back under control
  7. what 'soil' are you using.?
    6.2-7.0 is good, 6.4-6.8 is ideal.!!

    the best water schedule is flood to drought,
    saturate them, wait for the 'soil' to be almost dry (something learned with experience) then saturate again,
    this keeps the root system healthy and grows better plants.!
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