Deficency/Nute Burn pics

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  1. I take no credit for writing these or copying the pages... pulled the images from somewhere, but based on some of the posts I've seen they may help some of ya bro's out.







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  2. Comes from a pretty good book I picked up, theres more pics in there of other problems too...really good book.
  3. Good post man. Very decent animations.
  4. Good find.. this will help alot of people out im certain, def. help me out in the future for sure
  5. so if my plant shows it has a zinc deficiency , what has zinc it in that will aid my friends?
  6. Great post man im sure this will help alot of people out.... +rep

  7. good post klutter & take the credit mate,would,nt be on here if it was'nt for you bud;)

    nice 1:smoking:

  8. uhhhhhhh, nutes with zinc. like a good foxfarm or something with all of the good stuff
  9. In the following order :

    1. Right click, save as....
    2. +rep Klutter
    3. read!
  10. THIS WAS A FUCKIN SICK POST!!:devious:
  11. Nice guide
  12. I just discovered this, and figured Id give it a post for a bump. Good info.+rep
  13. I would like a copy, What was the book?
  14. I would to.

    Please always post your source so that the ORIGINAL author can get the credit they so richly deserve for putting together such GREAT information.
    (wouldn't you be a little bent if peeps couldn't find your original work, even though they loved how you put stuff together so well? I know I would.)
  15. very useful - Bump
  16. I want to say it's the new book by "Mynamestich' from

    Without doing more research or THE ORIGINAL POSTER POSTING THE REFERENCE LIKE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO, we'll never know.

  17. You are such a hero finding that info!

    Why didn't you just PM your find to the OP and I am sure he would have edited his post.
  18. I did not find it and I'm not sure. It just looks vaguely familiar and I know that Mynamstich did a badass job on a new deficiency and pests book.

    I PM'd the OP and they stated that they aren't the original scanner and don't know the author. Would have helped if they'd stated that in the first place.

    Always state your source.

  19. WTH is the intention of your posts in the original post again or read what I quoted below:


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