Defensive Stash Box - Tutorial

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  1. Hey guys I built a simple defensive stash box! Keep your stuff safe from roommates "borrowing" from your stash!

    Anyway, to build this you will need a few electronic parts. I had them laying around, but you most likely will need a trip to Radio Shack.


    - 6v to 120v Transformer - 60Hz 0.45A
    - 9v Battery
    - 9v Battery Clip
    - Momentary Switch
    - Wire
    - Tinfoil Tape
    - Cigar box or similar container
    - Solder and Iron (If you can't solder electrical tape will work.)
    - Drill


    1. First, you want to drill a hole in the bottom of your cigar box. 1/8" is perfect.

    2. Wire the positive lead from the battery clip to the transformer;
    negative lead from battery clip to momentary switch;
    other terminal on switch to transformer;
    one lead from transistor through the hole in cigar box;

    3. Next use the tinfoil tape on the bottom of the box. Make sure the wire is making good contact with the underside of the tape.

    4. Wrap tinfoil tape around the lid, smooth it as you go.

    5. Attach the other lead from the transformer to the tinfoil tape on the inside of the lid.

    6.Drill a hole in the latch on the box big enough for your switch.

    7. Drill a hole in the box to fit your switch. The button should be able to go in the hole on the latch.

    8. Mount the transformer, and battery inside the box.

    9. Finally, attach the battery and test the box on yourself. (Sounds awful but it isn't THAT bad.)

    10. Stash your stuff with peace in mind that your buddy will not want to take your stuff without asking ever again!:smoking:


    Sorry about typos, and if something is out of order or doesn't make sense. I am stoned right now. If you have any questions just post below and I'll try and help out!

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  2. Whats it do before i read all that
  3. When someone tries to open it, it shocks them. Not very bad, but enough to deter the average stoner Xp
  4. thats what i thought

    thats mean but good
  5. ahahahahahaha, thats great
  6. fuckin classy shit right here

    i wanna do this now..thanks man
  7. how do you open it yourself without getting shocked?
  8. dont press the button while holding the top and bottom.
  9. god your roommates must suck. My desk has a locking drawer in it so that's my stash drawer.
  10. How much would this cost? If it's under 20, I'll make 1 and show
  11. Depending if you have a cigar box laying around, about 15.
  12. I wonder how much cheaper, easier, and more practical a lock would be...

    Nevertheless, hilariously awesome idea.
  13. It isn't about saving money or being 'practical;' it's about, sending a message.
  14. Great post OP + rep.

    It is amazing how no one understood the schematic ;_;
  15. In that case, may I suggest a spring-loaded knife to stab the would-be thief's hand should he try to steal your green?

  16. Well now your just being silly. Everyone knows .45's are better than a knife....

    jk. Don't kill George. You love George. He may of been a strange guy to share a room with, but so were you. I know George is very clingy and sometimes gets attached to people doesn't mean you can put a bullet in his head. Yes. He stole your weed, and yes, you don't like him. But see the part where your plan fails, Legionaire; is he is your Siamese twin, killing him would be suicide for you. You are completely attached at the buttox, and live as one. So you cannot kill George? Savy?


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