Defense secretary warns that 'pre-9-11 moment' could precede attack, hints at Iran

Discussion in 'Politics' started by xmaspoo, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Panetta says cyber attackers accessed controls for critical US infrastructure | WashingtonGuardian

    The fear mongering, it's just been ratcheted up a notch. Now give up all your rights, we have to censor the web and control your computer unless Al-Qae.. I mean Ira.. I mean Hezboll... der terrorists blow up the country!!!!

    Look familiar?


  2. I've been saying a false flag attack in internet form would be coming for years. It seems they are finally ready to put it into action.
  3. An attempt to get the public to accept the premise that the government needs to regulate the internet, I'd say.
  4. Yeah that seems like a total false flag. I just researched the virus a bit, Symantec said its probably script kiddies. Plus the virus doesn't destroy the computers and require them to be replaced, it merely deletes the boot information and data so you lose all of your files (I guarantee they were backed up elsewhere) and requires you to reimage/ reinstall an OS to the harddrives. They made it seem like it causes a lot more harm than it does.
  5. Signs weren't overlooked, they were downright ignored. I'm tired of this shit.
    I'm not a 9/11 truther who thinks the government orchestrated the attacks.
    But to say they had little knowledge of the plot is a straight up lie.

    I just wonder what kind of false flag "Iran" is gonna do. Maybe a firesale like in Die Hard. That would be pretty cool.
  6. Probably no mention that the attacks were by a U.S. virus. If it isn't I would be surprised.
  7. Well say goodbye to our extremist forum. Yano since we are all internet terrorists who dont agree w/ the gov't. :wave:
  8. Here we go! Now the govt is going to take away our internet freedoms. Illuminati agenda.
  9. It's time to gear up. There's going to be something in the future, false flag or not. Whatever happens, we can't let them censor or regulate the internet. If it comes down to it, we'll need to fight back. The classes below can help you out.

    If one were to go through most of these classes and learn the material, they would know about as much or more than what's taught in a bachelor's CS course. If you take all of them, including the advanced classes, it's closer to a Masters. Help us win the fight against internet tyranny!



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  10. I will have to check out those classes. Only because I am interested in learning more about computer science.

    So Obama is planning on using his executive order to regulate the internet now?

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