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  1. ALERT: Congress is About to Vote on Worldwide War Authority | Ron Paul 2012 | Sound Money, Peace and Liberty
  2. I read about this but hadn't had time to look it up yet. Thanks for posting! It is very important...

    It's mind boggling how shitty our politicians have become...

    I filled out the ACLU letter, hope it makes its way to the "right people". I added a little personal message to it as well:

    Anyone who votes in favor of this should be considered an enemy of the United States of America, the Constitution, Liberty, and THE PEOPLE. It's a treasonous act. We have 3 branches of government, a Constitutional Republic, and a President - not a KING!

    The West Is Trapped In Its Own Propaganda by Paul Craig Roberts

    'We're #1' and Democracy Myths
    Yet Caesarism rules America. Article by Paul Craig Roberts

  3. They are pretty much declaring war on the entire planet.

    What could possibly go wrong?
  4. ...just another case of making it legal to do anything they've been up too...that was illegal and unconstitutional...rinse-repeat.:mad:

    ...1776 comes to mind, we had to deal with another tyrannical government back then...:eek:
  5. What blows my mind is that none of this has been on the news to my knowledge, and everyone seems to be fine with it?

  6. Totally. Gosh I hope not.
  7. Get elected
    Spend Money
    Kill Osama
    Pass laws that make you more powerful
  8. When I got the email from the ACLU, I nearly shat myself. This is more than just ballsy, it's ludicrous! There's a reason why we have checks and balances, and it's to prevent us from having a king.
  9. Maybe they just figured...since the current and previous administrations already don't follow the law - let's change the law so what they are doing is legal. :laughing:

  10. why would congress pass this bill?.. it would essentially take their military power away
  11. Congress has military power? Could have fooled me since the last "declared" war was WWII.


    ACLU is saying that the WH will Veto the bill - my god, I didn't know Obama knew what a Veto was! :p

  12. :eek:


  13. Mysterious fund allows Congress to spend freely, despite earmark ban -

  14. "Congressman Justin Amash spearheaded an effort to have this troubling language removed, but unfortunately it failed by a vote of 234 to 187. It is unfortunate indeed, that so many in Congress accept unlimited warmaking authority in the hands of the executive branch."

    Enabling a Future American Dictator

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