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Defective Kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanadianToken, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. My friend says his dealer gets 'defective kush' which means that the kush was pre-maturely cut meaning it doesn't have the full potency of the kush, however he can't sell it as kush so he sells it for 5/g. Is this just bullshit from the dealer to make people believe it's not mids ?
  2. A pic would help. Does it look like mids?
  3. Sounds like bullshit.
  4. Do you mean 'Kush' as in genetics, or 'Kush' as another name for Herb?
  5. It looks like mids but with alot of orange hairs ?
  6. dude it couldnt have been cut early because orange or brown hair sound about right where maturity and saturation of THC is the highest. correct me if im wrong. yeah i think he just used the name to get you to buy it. if the pistils where whitish id believe it was harvested too earlybut orange sounds good idk he lied to you man sorry
  7. all the pistils turn orange when they die, so ye you could take it early and it could sill have mad orange hairs
  8. Your question is invalid, kush is just a strain name. So it doesn't effect it being mids or not

  9. i would like a answer to this as well. because if it is some kind of kush then it doesn't matter how it was grown or cured it is still the same strain
  10. Kush = Strain name

    OG Kush, Purple Kish, Bubble Kush etc. Very dank strain, some people confuse Kush with Dank or use it interchangeably which is incorrect.
  11. Who cares if they call it that, i didnt know you were more qualified to smoke weed than him.
  12. #12 Money May Kerr, Mar 11, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2012
    I didn't say I was more qualified, he asked a question and I answered it. Just saying that some people use the terminology wrong. Personally idc what people say as long as it gets you high, but to others it bothers them. Just tried to steer em in the right direction lol damn
  13. hes just trying to help lol
  14. Yes I am confused, OP does know there can be mid grade kush if thats how its grown right? Learn the difference between strains and quality before worrying about this.
  15. Why would you buy a strain called Defective Kush? I've had OG Kush and Bubba Kush, and if someone was like... "Yeah, holmes, buy summa this Defective Koosh" I'd be like "Bitch, get outta here with that weak shit".
  16. This thread is way too cool for me.

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