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    anyone know what is the proplem on this plant, i grow in soil.
    plz only the top fan leaves, the lower one I did burn them with very close light.
    the new growth is suffering from something, could be a nuterient lock , the yelowing started from the base as u can see and affecting between the veins, also the main stem got red stripes. what u think is it Fe,Mg,Sulfur,Zn??
    my ph runoff is 7
    i tried to to flush with 5.8 ph to compensate and i got to this proplem and my ph still 7 though.
    any thought would be appreciated.

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  2. The pH of runoff can be anywhere from the pH of the liquid to the pH of the soil. The longer the water sits in the soil, the more the two pH's will equalize, until they are the same. You may be testing the runoff as soon as it comes out the bottom after watering. Give it at least an hour to soak into the soil before squeezing a little water out to test. You can either press on the soil surface and collect the runoff or scoop up a handful of soil and squeeze some liquid out.

    Your problem is probably acidic soil, at least partially due to the 5.8 flush. Once you get an accurate soil pH reading, things should get better.
  3. what kind of soil is it and what kind of fertilizers have you given it? (if any)
  4. thnx for the advice, thats really make sense for better measuring the PH.
    in relation with the second comment, you said they will equalize, thats why I added 5.8 PH solution to equalize to the high 6 PH 6.4-6.8. 5.8PH will lock Mg+Ca so I am thinking to add epsom salt because I couldnt find cal/mag anywhere in my town. I also live overseas and so many product as in the us.
    I may go for 6.5 PH to make the Mg+Ca avaliable. The proplem is I dont have a PH meter to control that percise measurement, If i go higher I will lock Mn+Fe, if I go lower I will lock Mg+Ca.
    Also I was wondering what is the elemnt thats is locked from looking at the pic.
    anyway I am ordering some gears online to control the situation.
  5. Lets not complicate this.

    Once u get the Ph down to somewhere
    in the range of 6.3 - 6.8 the plant
    will improve.

    Then u can worry about what to feed it.

  6. I am using a potting soil ( called Grow Care)
    Chemical fert 5-3-8 (Pokon). I only Added 1/4 strength the which is 2 ml/liter.
    The proplem is PH even low-high or the cause of fluctuation which could locked some nuterients.
    The plants is 35 days old 5 sets of leaves. around 5" long.

  7. Hey freak glad u passed by:smoke:
    thats what I tried to do but the plant turned oppsite direction. I will show u the pic before getting in trouble . the plant was fine and look good, but u know as I tried to implrove the enviroment to accelerate the growth, instead I got into trouble, the week before I lowered the light and burnt the second set of fan leaves, then paniced and wanted to improve the medium and offed the PH in a way that didnt improve the plant, may be because I didnt give the plant enough time to relelife the heat shock , so I hit the plant was hit with two straight lethal weapons. anyway I am still adjusting my grow procedure to tune the grow and know what is the best and how to grow better and isolate the wrong action.
    My next move is to try to control the plant to 6.6 as I can closely get to that as indicated on my PH aquarium test kit color chart, thats my only option, because I have 6.2 or 7 color indicator. I wil try to be in the middle close to 6.6, my goal is 6.5.
    I just dont know what is the best way to get the soil PH up to limit.
    Freak what u think is the defecient in the picture.
    here my plant before the drama

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  8. I dont see any deficiency in that pic.
    And when the blades get a claw like that at the tips,
    it means too much Nitrogen - thats not the issue tho.

    Once u have nailed the Ph, the plant will improve.
    And for now, Id also cut the nute dose in half,
    just till its adjusted.

  9. freak,
    Look at the first pic not the second one(the second before fooling around), the top big leaves, they start to fade the green color starting from the base of the leave in between the veins going toward the tip. ( I will take pic in the dark to see what I mean.
    I am afraid to add nutes.
    what is the best way to balance the soil. should I just keep flushing with water.
    I did submerged new soil (3/4 of it) in balanced ph and stired it then filtered the water and mixed with 1/4 the remaining of soil and repot it.
    Also I noticed that the roots are at the bottom of the pot and they are dry as hell because I used perlite as bottom layer to help draining, and that could contributed to lack of feedding as well. The prople is I dont have colloector dish at the bottom or the roots would have sucked the water if there are any. but next I will put dish anf fill it with water after like 2 days after watering to see if the roots when it reached the bottom will suck it up which will give indication that the soil is really dry. (I think the plant was thirsty as hell and that could caused the yellowing. will se how it react for the coming week. the main root is too long and it reached the bottom where it is dry because it is only perlite in there. May be thats why the plant is not growing fast too. I think it was good Idea to pot up si i discovered it.

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  10. Ya, wrong pic :smoke:.

    So, this has been a root problem all along lol.
    Any longer and that main taproot would have snapped, spelling disaster.

    Good work man !!! Who woulda thought.

    Please keep us updated as to how its doing.

    + rep for u, man.

  11. thanks freakbro
    starving to death is yeah positive.
    it could be a combo though, as I am sure the ph are is not within limits plus the fluctuation of ph as I am trying to adjust it.
    how long should it take to pass the shock period plus the roots to ajust to the new medium.
    I think I am heading for hydro, it is much controlable than soil.. just waiting for my gears to arrive.
    what would be the best a bubbler or ebb&flow as far as faster growth( I would go with a bubbler) what is the best system for like 6 plants bubbler.
  12. That sucks. Another lost soul to hydro lol.

    Once u taste the end product, u just might
    consider comin back to the other side lol.

    I am the wrong person to ask about hydro.

    Although weed signs of ailments are universal
    in any medium, I dont know the first thing about
    hydro setups. All I know is it seems to be a pain
    in the ass lol (I expect some PMs about this lol).

    I got soil deep down in my heart...

  13. It is a personal preference, me as a biginner in growing with some educational reading i would try other method and it might goes well with me. As I said , according to he reading I had , I undrstood that hydro is more controlable than soil, so If you control everything that plant should go well. Will wait and see what comes up from a such experince.
  14. platii, i suggest hydroponics seriously its so simply and easy to control any fluctuations or problems that arise as many might have seen i swear by it and love it, its so adaptable and easy to run set up can be as bassic as 2 30L stacking boxes and a water pump (currently what i have) all you need is a resevoir and a holding and allow the water to run through the holding into the resevoir making stacking/nest boxes the easiest method simply put holes in the top box and u have a run through system and then turn the pump on and leave either a constant feed or get a timer and run in 15 mins on 15 mins off 24 hours, then i would suggest the flora series 3 part nutrients if you decide to get these nutes i will help u control the measurements and work out exactly what you need to give your beautiful baby's, as for lighting the combination of a cool blue and a cool white flourescent will happily veg them for upto 15 years, a CFL is better for tight spaces if u have space issues, otherwise a MH for veg and an HPS for flower or a Dual Spectrum HPS for the entire grow will work.
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    Freak i know many ways to make the taste wonderful in Hydro believe me a good combination of soil and hydro will do the trick (grow a mother in soil... flower and veg the clones in hydroponics the taste is still very earthy, or start the grow in soil when it comes to re-potting simply wash off the soil from the roots and transfer into hydroponics again the flavour is already installed...... i must say my last grow from seed in 100% hydroponics was a very strong skunky citrus fruity taste i was growing lemon skunk and it was truely beautiful!

    growing is one big science project to me i like to experiment =]
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    Ya, I understand where youre comin from BMUK.

    I will admit, there wuz a cuppla sarcastic jabs at u,
    but I do it in the spirit of good fun lol.

    I have alotta friends who grow hydro and do quite
    well at it. I still bug them about it and we have a good time.

    What I notice tho, is that they seem to be constantly
    handcuffed to the grow - alwayz measuring and fixing
    this and fixing that. It has become more of a chore
    than a hobby. I dont ever want that to happen.

  17. thanks for passing by Mrbudmanuk, support, and advice.

    I do agree with u is that hydro is more controlable despite I didnt try it yet, At least from what I have read already. I still agree with Freakbro that it might require constant adjustment to the PH almost daily as I read many storyies about that. It is still considered a hobby though especially if u have much free time and love to be around ur plant 24/7 (exaggeration here) but much time checking, inspecting, and starring at the plant lool.
    My point here is that everything is clear especially the ph limitation as soil hard to determine if u r within limits or off( as I do here) also I couldnt bring down the pH down even my trial yesterday when transplanting didnt lower it ,it still reads around 7 or may be more as I still didnt have the ph meter in hand to at least figure out what I am doing exactly. Hydro, U can set up ur ph, quantity of nutes giving, temp 9res and room), humidity. so if u have a proplem u will know where is the fault. so if u keep all those in check with clean res u should have no proplem, but will see.

    I know the idea behind hydro and how to build a system, I saw many people they built their own and each one has his own design. I was wondering about which the best ebb and flo or a bubbler design, has anyone tried STG(sure to grow cubes). versus rockwool.
    how many plants u grow in 30L box.
    and yes gh flora is the best as far as I know from many posts I have read. (wondering about the flora nova series ) and (dutch master nute if anyone tried them)

    btw, I build mini bubbler(5L bucket) and have one sick stunned plant in there I put here there since a week ago, I transplanted her from soil, it just an experiment lool. I dont have good nutes for hydro, but I have similar, 5-3-8 from Pkon and for micro I have nutrifol. I set up up the ph for 5.8 as the aquarium tester I have till I get the bluelab meter. also I dont have rockwool cube si I just buried her in hydroton( and she keep slipping everytime I pull the lid lool) anyway shes been there for 8 days now and she started to have some new roots and subroots growing the leaves start to fade the green but hopefully she survive before the chlorophyell last. I gave her low dose because I dont have a meter, she seems like having nitrogen def. I dont know if I should up the dose.
  18. back top the thread..

    I have red streaks at the main stem now since transplanting yesterday,, could it be another def or just transplant shock, as I removed some of the old soil, plus the very long main roots that was in circles in the bottom of the old pot been follded when I put it in the new pot/soil because I didnt want to bury it deep in the new pot.
    also red pigmentation for the leaves stems not all vut most of them,,, this happened in the last 24 hrs. any comment will be appreciated. amy be it will show what is the soil condition
    here is the pic

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  19. hey Freakbro

    everyday I kill one or two white fly, could they do any damage that would be related to my case. they sneak in from the window fence, waiting to install a suction fan and close the window for good. also do gnats look lik a mesquito, I found 2 today and kill them.
  20. Dont worry too much about the pigmented stems and branches.
    Sometimes a shock can bring this on - its the alternative to goin
    hermie, so its all good. Could be genetics too.

    Yes, Gnats do look like mosquitos. Heres some pics.
    Have a real good inspection of the plant and soil.
    Let us know if u find any of these bastards:

    1. Fungus Gnat adult
    2. Fungus Gnat larvae.
    3. Fungus Gnat pupae.


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