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  1. Trying to figure this out! Living soil. upload_2019-8-3_13-7-45.jpeg
  2. Just to get a base line idea...
    Is your Water and soil PH correct is my first question
  3. It hasn’t been checked, Well water, first run started showing up at week 2.5 in flower 8 different strains 4 are showing signs the pic is the worst
  4. Looks like the first thing I’ll check. I was told the living soil is a good buffer and shouldn’t worry about the ph, but I was skeptic, the buds look amazing so far.

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  5. This is what I have seen "outside" I allso use natural sources of water the river lol.
    As weather changes so does my ph. If it floods after rain ( river rises) my ph seems to jump way up I have tested it perfect 1 week at 6.5 then 8.0 a week later. So maybe its spiking .
    It may seem odd an illogical but I have seen it first hand..
    If your living soil it can't be a burn nature only takes what it needs.
  6. Btw your setup is one to envy over. Looks very professional I would be a proud !
  7. The fact that it has scales on the leaves tho that's what's keeping me from projecting my opinion as fact.
    I would assume someone here will be able to identify that 100%. If they have seen it . Sorry I cant help I am still fairly new to "living soil"
  8. Thanks, one of 3 flower houses , One in week 4 flower one week 4 Veg and planting another next week. I made a Alfalfa/Kelp tea Friday with biog TM7. I’ll check my Ph just to know and keep an eye on things. Had a hot spot of spider mites and last sprayed Azamax in week 2. It wasn’t long after that I started seeing random weirdness like in the pic. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the reply.
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  9. He said living soil.... hence no need to check PH if he has a real living soil going
  10. What time did you, are you spraying? Spray that shit during the day and it will burn your leaves. This is my guess? Spray just after the sun goes down
  11. More details please. Is this happening on your flowering plants or your vegged plants? What are you feeding? Whats living in your soil? Microbes, myco? Are you using fert mixes or did you dry amend your soils in the beginning? Also can you find a leaf that has symptoms but is not this far along.... maybe does not have brown burnt edges yet? Can you also post some pictures on the plant (s) with symptoms? Are leaves on these plants curling up or down before burns set in?
  12. Yea that's true if its actual living soil . This comment was made before I seen the scope of his operation he is not a new grower. So most likely he has perfect soil.
    If he was new claiming organic I would then ask him about his ph for that very reason. After seeing his photos I realized he no longer needed to check his ph. That was my suggestion so I backed out and complimented the guy..
    Who here feels I a acted appropriately given the info I had at the time.
    I for 1 believe I did

  13. Sorry I was not trying to call you out. Sometimes chat can be interpreted wrong in text. I was just working the scope with you!
  14. No worries buddy. I want all to succeed as well
  16. Thanks for looking. It’s happening around week 3-4 in flower. It’s a new op with light dep greenhouses and well water. I haven’t seen this in the last two commercial greenhouses I started up. I use dry amendments once in veg , once in flower, feed silica and ful power once a week with an alfalfa/kelp tea once every other week. I’ve had great success with this in the past few years , this funkiness is new to me. Leaves aren’t curling just funky and the buds themselves are on schedule, just baffled and want to fix. Not saying my jobs on the line but there’s some high expectations. Any help is appreciated. I wouldn’t of posted if I couldn’t handle what folks would say. Thanks again!

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  17. In my unprofessional opinion I'd say that looks like an overwatering problem. Chronic to the 3-4 weeks worth extent.

    Solution back off water a bit and it should naturally go away

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