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  1. you guys know any good ways to keep deer away? i hear hot pepper seeds or hair but im not sure?
  2. I put up some sticks and tie a bunch of hemp around em dear are pretty stupid and wont jump over but hot peppers would probably work i remember hearing something about garlic somewhere butt that might of been for pest control hope i helped you might want to search the forums though. Good luck:D
  3. Your pee. Piss around your plot. Been doing it for years and havn't had deer problems yet.

  4. exactly
  5. for awhile i mixed up a concoction of garlic,peppers,inions,1tsp dish soap and that worked ok but still lost a little. i put german shepard dog hair all around and nothing after that. and now since the vegetation around here has died the deer are gone out of the area so good:D
  6. They sell deer netting for gardens. My spot is literally in the middle of a deer highway, I put this shit up and nothings gotten in my garden since. If your worried about it being spotted the netting is nearly invisible from more than 5 feet back. Heres a link with a bunch of different sizes and types.

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